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Three fabulous women have teamed up to help us get started early for a handmade holiday! According to Kelly is hosting everything crafty, Skip to My Lou is hosting everything sewing and A Southern Fairytale is hosting everything baking. Every day for the whole month a new handmade idea to give as a gift. I was thrilled when Kelly asked me to participate with a craft.

Last week I debuted my new canvas above my mantle over at Kristen Duke Photography. She also has a fabulous series going on this month called Decorating with Portraits. A few people asked not about the canvas....but about the silhouettes above our TV!

I'm sharing the EASY tutorial today over at According to Kelly!
Check it out HERE.

And a little weekend update....
there might be some funny pictures showing up here tomorrow with Dave and I in a dated Reno Wedding Chapel renewing our vows with our children by our side.
Dave's been calling me "Mrs. Kennedy" for the past two days!
We are definitely still in the honeymoon phase.


  1. Aww! Mrs. Kennedy, how sweet!

    I really want to get a picture made into a canvas but I can't decide which one...

  2. What a hoot! Although Dave didn't ask your dad for permission to marry his daughter!
    Mom xoxo

  3. PS - I'm wearing my Keep Calm necklace I bought from you and I LOVE it!! I've been wearing it nonstop of weeks :)


  4. I love these, I've been wanting to do this tutorial and this is the PERFECT reminder. Thanks friend! :)

  5. What a wonderful treat- renewing your vows WITH your children to witness. You are setting an amazing example for them!


  6. WOO! I can't wait to see/hear!!
    We're renewing in a few weeks w/ the kids and I am still trying to figure out how to fit them in.


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