Bachelor Pad Re-Cap

I love a good Newlywed Game!
Although I would be scared to death to play it.
Just in case I was wrong more than right.

Vienna's nostrils just got SO BIG when she yawned.
Kasey sniffing his fingers was disgusting.
They are perfect for each other!

So far...so good.
Haha about Kasey and Vienna with no points.
And Michael's comment about punching Blake's perfect white dentist teeth
was funny...but I still like Blake for some reason.
And, it's apparent from your comments...I'm the only one.
I'm sorry.
I do think he is a good guy, camera is showing a different spin.

Graham and Money were so smart with their strategy!
They are actually a really cute couple.

Wow. I'm not even sure what to say about the Vienna Kasey 'NO' fiasco.
They are a train wreck.

Graham and Michelle on the other hand....ADORABLE.

Erika is a bit smarter in this game than she looks.
But Blake is not going to fall for you sweetheart over Holly.
If he makes out with Erika on their date when he clearly has the hots for Holly
he will definitely come down a notch.
HAHAHAHA Holly walking around in her bikini.
She might even be smarter than Erika!

oh poor Blake. Erika is trying so hard.
Blake hopefully you learned your lesson with Melissa.
Oh this rose helps Blake change strategy for this date.
No more romantic talk...it's all business now.

Michael's heartbreak kills me.
To yearn to be wanted is so painful to watch.

There is nothing subtle about Erika.
She is unbelievable.
I am in awe. Blake is not giving it up though.
WOW..She is asking for the wrong thing because they are 'partners'.
She wished he had brought a box. She is off her rocker.

Liking and respecting your partner does not mean you have to have sex.
Are you freakin' kidding me.

Why didn't any of them figure out they could get Kasey and Vienna off this week.
Are you kidding me?
What is the strategy there?
I don't see it.
I guessing that was a huge mistake.
Why would they trust Kasey?

Surprised that Graham and Michelle took a stand against Kasey.

C'mon Holly do the right thing.
Blake came home early from the date for you.

I would really rather watch the Blake and Holly thing play out
than have to listen to Vienna and Kasey for another week.

But oh well.
Hopefully this week, Blake redeemed himself to some of you!!

A reader sent me a note that said Blake and Holly are engaged. ♥

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  1. I have always liked Blake!! Have I not said that here? Maybe not. In fact, I just admitted to my girlfriend (who told me about the engagement as well) that I have a slight crush on Blake.

    I was literally LOL'ing during the Erika "sleep with me" plea. So brutally forceful. Poor Blake.

    I'm with you about the roses. Everyone was tired of K and V last week....I'm sure they could have gathered votes to get rid of the supposed power couple. Oh well. Sounds like Blake won anyhow.

  2. I hope that is true about Blake and Holly! She needs to be SO over Michael! He is pathetic!! I don't care that Blake was a player. He is playing the GAME for crying out loud! I hate Kasey and Vienna on here another week. It sucks the life out of the show. And they showed her taking off her underwear before going to be a few weeks ago, and now she says no sex in the house? Are you kidding me?? She has no clue she was on TV doing that I guess. Michelle and Graham bother me as well. Did he not watch her last season on the Bachelor? And the way she says his name is bothersome as well. "Grumm"!! And one more thing, I saw on the web that Ella had plastic surgery. WHY?? She was so gorgeous!! So sad.


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