Bachelor Pad Finale Re-Cap!

Have Kirk and Ella been romantic at all?
I can't remember.
Or are they just platonic partners?

I think that wall looks fun!
Of course Kasey wants to make a heart....
so he can guard and protect it!

Graham's slippers are hilarious.
So unattractive.
I'm surprised Michelle hasn't told him to take those things off.

Ali looks gorgeous.
I'm happy she is still engaged to Roberto.
I wasn't too sure of those two.

Money and Graham are so cute.
Can't wait to hear about them at the finale....
Is there a relationship?

Ella and Kirk's kiss was awkward.
Not much chemistry there.
Pretty sure...just platonic.

Shut up Kasey.
You are so full of yourself it is disgusting.
Darn it....Kasey and Vienna were good up there.

I'm actually clapping for Holly and Michael.
That was amazing.

Michael looks funny in his green unitard during interview.
Kirk is a really good guy.
Comforting Ella the way he did and they aren't even in love.
Total sweetheart.

Kasey and Vienna's relationship is miserable.
They both think they are better than the other.
That spells disaster.
Kasey just said...I carried Vienna on my back.
Vienna says...You are the reason we are in the limo...
my perfect rose record was just ruined!
I can't help but laugh out loud.
They are a mess.

Jake and Blake got the biggest cheers!
Bummer about Ames.
Wish there was a little more explanation.
I'm guessing Jacqui wasn't refined enough for Ames....maybe.

Good for you Kirk for calling Vienna out on Jake.
I like Jake, but don't like his cheesy side.
Wow...surprise and genuine apology from Kasey to Jake.
Looks like there might be a public break up right here on TV.
Bring it on!
I can't fast forward the DVR fast enough.

I'm surprised Kasey is as emotional as he is.
I can't imagine watching myself on TV.
I'm sure we all wouldn't be proud of some of our moments.
But he was so smug during the game. Ruthless. The Godfather.
A little humble pie from time to time is good.

Well looks like Kasey and Vienna might work....
according to Erika!

Oh this Melissa, Blake, Holly segment should be good.
Loved loved loved the tooth brushing scene again.
Melissa is crazy and emotionally immature.

Madly in love! Holly and Blake.
The Blake admission might hurt Holly for the final money.
The moving in together news definitely just hurt Holly's chance of winning.
Oh lots of smiles with the video. Maybe Holly and Michael will win.
Just to give Michael a consolation prize.

Michael and Holly have got to be the most mature couple going through difficult times on live TV that I ever seen handle so well. Their level of communication is amazing.

Graham and Michelle Money too cute.
Michelle Money has completely redeemed herself.
So...are they a couple?
I'm confused.
Sounds like a wonderful friendship.
Those make the best marriages.
Wish there had been a little proposal there too.

Loving these final two couples.
Really. Good people.
On Reality TV!
It happens.

So fun for Holly and Michael.
Bummer for Money Graham!

There is no doubt based on both Michael and Holly's character that they will share.
But what if Michael chooses Keep. It would be the most strategic move.
Holly won't hurt him again. She will for sure choose Share.
Well that was no surprise.
Good for both of them

Rumors about Ben being the next Bachelor.
Not excited.
Hope the girls make it good.
A haircut would be good too.
I like short hair on guys.
He is from my neck of the woods.
Maybe I'll see some filming going on in the Napa Valley!
We shall see.

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  1. Great summary. It seems like the best two "couples" got to the finals. Love Money and Graham. Holly & Michael was so very respectable and loyal, it was great to watch.

    Bachelor Ben? did you see him during the closing credits? I was a fan, before that. He sorta seemed odd to me after that. Although, it was sort of random that random audience members could just walk up to them all....

  2. Glad Kasey and Vienna did not win. Congrats to Holly and Blake! I thought Ashley was a train wreck...Bachelor Ben is going to be a boring nightmare!! Would rather see Bentley!! :P Can. Not. Wait. Ugh.

  3. loved this re-cap! we share all of the same feelings :) I really liked Michael though! I think he should be the next Bachelor! NOT a fan of Ben :(


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