What I Wore...Beach Edition!

Lazy beach days while on vacation called for flip flops, cut-off shorts & cover-ups!

{long sleeve slub - Anthropologie; blue cotton dress - Target, straw hat - can't remember; striped slub shirt - Nordstrom; striped cardigan - Urban Outfitters; grey cotton strapless dress and white straw hat - Ripcurl Surf Shop in San Clemente; navy/white polka dotted swimsuit under most of it - J. Crew}

My most favorite go-to item this summer....
two pairs of cut-off shorts from my own closet.
One pair of AGs and one pair of Rock Revivals.
Still loved the color and fit....hated the leg opening.
I tried them on. Marked them two inches below my knee.
Cut and rolled them.
And....have been living in them all summer long.

What I like most about them....
they don't show cellulite when you cross your legs while wearing shorts!

Linking up with Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy today for clothing/style inspiration.

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  1. Love your home made cut-off shorts! They look great! I'm going to have to take a second look at my jeans...

  2. Cute beyond measure!.. I am already thinking about Fall clothes which is crazy.. but I am determied to have a " cute" Fall.. but at 102 yesterday it makes it hard to think about sweaters!

    You are one beach babe to be sure!


  3. Such cute all-American looks! I have some capris I want to cut off... I need to do that before August is over! :)

  4. Very cute! Love your cut offs and the dresses look so comfy!

  5. covering up cellulite...story of my life!! LOVE your grey striped cardi!

  6. Love it!
    Esp. love that Anthro slub shirt.

  7. We lived in San Clemente for 7 years and spent some time at Rip Curl. There are great deals at their outlet just a few blocks north of their regular store. You look adorable!

  8. Adorable outfits! Love the shorts...so great!

  9. Love everything. You look great in beach wear. Now find a way to move here!

  10. Love the shorts! Oh, how I long for a beach vacation now, only a couple more months to go. Will go find some jeans to cut for my trip, great idea!

  11. LOVE your outfits! So fun.

  12. Very cute! I love the idea for the cut offs! Thanks for the tip, I'm going to cut mine right now! haha :)

  13. Ever since Wednesday, I couldn't stop thinking about how cute your denim cut offs look and I finally got the courage to cut mine today (I'm always scared to potentially ruin clothes I like). I've been wearing them all day and love 'm. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  14. I am number 18 commenting and you probably won't see this but holy moly you are super skinny........super! I do believe that cellulite is not a problem for you!
    You looked mighty cute!!!




  15. To explain this, imagine a room filled completely from top to bottom with baseballs, which will represent fat cells, and the How To Get Rid Of Cellulite ceiling is a tight sheet of plastic wrap. Now imagine that instantly.


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