What I Wore....

It's Wednesday again!
You all say such nice things about how thin I am.
I have kept my original 11 pounds off...
but I'm still a pear shape and have a few more pounds to lose!
I just hide it well in pictures.

Here are a few of my tricks...
and a few outfits!

{peasant blouse: american eagle, brown undershirt: undertease, jeggings: target, shoes: american eagle} 

{sweater: hollister, white undertease, fun yellow skirt: stacy lynn designs, red & white striped Toms!}

Kaia's bag for school is awesome. We bought it at the Queen Bee Market from this cutie:
Blue Corduroy!

And Kaia got her braces off a few days before school started! Yippee.

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy. Go check it out!
It will inspire you to get our of your workout clothes
and try something new.

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  1. Love your outfits and your tips! I think we have a similar body shape and size so I'll give them a try! It is crazy how just a different piece of clothing can either make you look slimmer or bigger. Your daughter looks so cute for her first day of school!

  2. Super hot as always and good tricks.. I wonder if they work for those of us who are "apples"... my previous technique was standing behind a bush, but it's amazing how often you can't find a good piece of shrubbery to stand behind!!.. I shall now work on my hips back and knee turned in look for those times when far from living vegitation!


  3. You are so cute, April! I am a pear, too. I have some tricks as well, but I'm not always successful!

    Your daughter looks beautiful on her first day of school!

  4. That yellow skirt outfit is sooooo cute! I LOVE IT! And----great tips! I'm pear shaped too. I'll have to try them!

  5. ADD at its best

    1. I'm "still" a pear?! When did that become a bad thing?

    2. Thanks for the tips I'm a pear and need all the photo advise I can get!

    3. Love the skirt! Thanks for the Etsy intro to their shop!

    4. How many exclamations points can you use in one comment?

  6. You are always SO cute! Love the yellow skirt, it's adorable.. esp with those little pockets. Kaia looks gorgeous!! That lace top she has on is so pretty. Hope she had a great first day of school.

  7. You are beautiful and I love your picture taking tips...wish I could remember them all when I take mine! HA!

    Love the yellow skirt!!!


  8. You look great and your daughter is beautiful!

  9. Kaia is so beautiful! Love her back to school outfit too! You look great, as always and thanks for the tips....got any for short, bowling balls? Ha ha ha.

  10. That yellow skirt outfit is my favorite on you! Darling!

    I'm a pear too, and I loved your tips!

  11. Love your outfits! ;) I am really digging the yellow skirt color combo.

  12. haha "i'm a pear" you crack me up. Kaia looks so beautiful!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Kaia! You look beautiful! I hope you had a great first day of school :) April, I LOVE that second outfit!! You are too cute to boot!! xoxo

  14. what a bunch of beautiful girls!!

    how does kaia like having her braces off? she looks darling!

    i'm going to have to practice my pear shape modeling! thanks for the tips. love, em

  15. I'm a pear too and I never look as cute as you, but you are totally inspiring me and I'm working on improving my wardrobe. :)

    THANK YOU for posting your outfits. I have very little fashion sense, so it's nice to have a jumping off point from someone with obvious style and the same body type. You are awesome!

  16. you both look entirely too cute!!!!
    and thank you for posting the cute yellow skirt outfit!! you just gave me a fabulous outfit idea!!!!


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