What I Wore.....

Actually....What We Wore.
Kaia's definitely got her own style and I'm kind of jealous!
This week's challenge from Lindsay was mixing stripes with florals.
We figured out quickly that we don't own a lot of florals.
So you're getting mostly stripes!
Striped shirt: American Eagle
 Ripped Bootcut Jeans: Abercrombie
Flip Flops: Old Reefs
Hat: Mine from Ripcurl Store in San Clemente
Braided leather bracelet: Target.

And here is my attempt at mixing stripes and floral....
White V-Neck: American Eagle
Grey Tank: Buckle
Grey Striped Jersey Skirt: Stacy Lynn Designs
{purchased at Queen Bee Market! so affordable....so comfortable....so stylish}
I also have this skirt from her that I seriously love!
Belt: Betty Girl Boutique - Local
Shoes: Nordstrom - Old
Flower Pins: handmade by me
Floral Headband: Gussy Sews!

What I wore was started by Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy as an accountability post to get out of pj's during the day for stay at home/working mommies! The inspiration over there is amazing. Last week over 200 people linked up with amazing outfits! Go check it out here.

And P.S....she sells the flower pins in her online shop. I only sell mine at local trunk shows from time to time. Her pins were featured by The Pioneer Woman. They are famous!!
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  1. I love that outfit! And the brooches are really cute.

    You look fabulous - how much weight have you lost now? :)


  2. I just discovered your blog this week, and I am a new follower.

    I'm not sure how I never heard of What I Wore Wednesday, cause, wow , do I need that! You (and Lindsay) have inspired me, and my goal for today is to get dressed! Ya know...good enough to link up and to feel good about it! Thanks for giving me the little push I needed!

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  4. OK Seriously, was I sleeping? I hadn't noticed that the pictures were not the same person! hahahahaha Long hair, shorter hair? Anyways, what I was saying in my previous post is that I like both outfits and you guys are total cuteness! I am new to this blog so I'm thinking mother and daughter?

  5. I did not even think about using my posy pins and petal pushers...technically one of my outfits works then...striped skirt, petal pusher on my jacket!! :)

    You are cute and Kaia does have great style...I agree.

    Have a super day April!!


  6. I forgot to tell you last week how much I love your sassy cut! It's just perfect on you! Great pairing with your Stacy Lynn and flower pins. So fun!

  7. Your daughter is beautiful and LOVE that skirt!!

  8. Look how cute you are with your little photoshoot! I love your background! Super cute outfits too! :)

  9. Oh, I love that knit skirt! Darling.

  10. LOVE those gray and yellow flowers!! Are they jersey?

  11. Absolutely georgeous! I love all the color and the skirt is flirty and fun!

  12. You are both too cute! Love both of your outfits.

  13. Aren't you adorable!! :) I just love your outfits and the flowers on your shirt are so cute! Have you got a tutorial on your blog for those? :) I'm a new follower~!
    ~Lisa @

  14. How fun! You are just too cute! L♥VE the outfits!! Stopping by from the pleated poppy!

  15. You and your daughter are too cute! I love both your outfits.

  16. LOVE the outfit with the skirt. Too cute. I want to pin this to my style board!

  17. I keep hearing about this Pioneer Woman, but I prefer you. :) Your approach to blogging and crafting is comfortable yet inspirational. It feels personal. You aren't going on a book tour anytime soon, are you? :)

    Although I get out and dress up for work everyday, I never get photos of me looking decent. I think I'll make Hubs snap some photos of me posing for work!

  18. im stopping by from the pleated poppy- love both of these looks. stripes are my fave... so i am LOVING that top and skirt! so cute! have a great rest of the week!


  19. I want Kaia's shirt and your skirt!

    I love the belt with the skirt too!

    Cute hair my friend!

  20. Love, love, love this outfit! The mustard and gray flower pins, and the headband, are the perfect accessories. And I want that skirt/belt! :)

  21. Very cute! I love the skirt... I'm a sucker for gray!! :)

  22. Completely cute looks. Love em both....

  23. Lovely!!! I first thought that she was you - in the photo with her had dipped down. PS - I think you need to have a BLOG sale friend. Want to score some April duds !


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