Summer Vacation: Beach House.

I am a soap snob, a shampoo snob and a hotel/bedding snob.
When traveling, I take the first two along with me and inspect bedding pictures very carefully before choosing lodging. It's all about the bedding. No bedspreads here. ewww....gross. Don't even get me started.

So when our annual vacation to San Clemente comes up each year, I scour VRBO.com for home rentals in our price range and then go immediately to the bedroom pictures secretly hoping to find a home that mimics our style.

This summer we found a rental we could really call home. Perfectly decorated. Simple, minimal and gorgeous. Just check out these pics!

Master Suite (bedrooms 1 & 2): Yes, that's a bedspread, but we were the first to use it. Next year I will bring a duvet to put over it! The rest of the house is just too perfect to make that be a deal breaker.

The whole second level of this 4 bedroom home was considered the master suite.

Loved the barn style door that closed off the second sitting/bedroom off the master suite.

While my sister and her family was visiting with us....Blake and Kaia slept here.
The bed has a trundle tucked underneath! After they left, Blake stayed sleeping upstairs while Kaia took over the guest bedroom downstairs.

The deck off  the master bedroom and the view from the main floor up to the master suite.

Looking down from the second floor.

Open Family & Dining Room: So comfortable. So easy to live in. So clutter free.
We want the couch!

The Playroom (bedroom 3): The playroom was a perfect place for the kids to watch TV, wrestle, play games and pile in and sleep on the futon and floor!

The playroom also opened out to the backyard that had a hot tub, outdoor shower, BBQ, dining table and chairs and globe lights strung from bamboo walls!

The Guest Bedroom (bedroom 4): Again, so beautifully decorated. I just need to email the owner and convince her to change out the bedding to duvets!

The Kitchen: Bright, cheery and perfect size even for 10 of us!

And a beach vacation wouldn't be complete without a beautiful view of the sunset!

I have inquired about renting the property for a month next year. Hope we can swing it!!
I also came home and immediately started cleaning out our house. Room by room. I started in the master bathroom and have made my way into the kitchen. Kaia and Blake weren't too thrilled with my agenda. Their rooms were first. If it wasn't used in the past six months it was either gone or put in the attic as a keepsake. We still have a few more rooms to tackle, but de-cluttering and cleaning out garbage feels so good and reminds us of 'our' beach house!

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  1. That is a beautiful home! What a great find, I hope you are able to get it again next year!

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean about bedding and cleanliness! I hate staying in hotels for exactly that reason! Good to know I'm not the only out there who my husband thinks is a little crazy :)

  3. I did the exact same thing (decluttering like mad) after coming home from the streamlined amazing house we stayed in for OUR beach vacation this month! We're kindred spirits in that way!

  4. How gorgeous. Truly, I just love it. Would you mind sharing your information? We are looking for a good beach house for next summer for a week and this looks fabulous. I don't know if it will work for us, but I would love to look into it. It makes me want to go clean out our rooms too! I love simplicity.

  5. What an amazing home! What great memories for your kiddos ;)

  6. What a gorgeous home. I love love love the simplicity of everything in it. I'm right there with you on the whole comforter/duvet thing and bedding in general. Drives my husband batty! Happy to hear you all had a great week of vacation!

  7. Wow - that looks so great! I really love it. Very clean, fresh and cozy. I'd also stay there :)

  8. Such a beautiful home to make beautiful summer memories in! I especially like the kitchen - that would be a fun place to cook!! :)

  9. Yes, please post the rental link!

  10. BEAUTIFUL vacation home! Wow! I think you inspired me to give my house a once-over! (um, once the kids go back to school in a week+. they are distractions!!).

    I am with you on being a shampoo/linen snob, too!!

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