The New April Kennedy....

I grew up watching The Brady Bunch. One of my favorite episodes....The New Jan Brady.
It was hilarious! Please tell me some of you are old enough to remember The Brady Bunch?
{I dream of movie nights in our backyard showing my kids re-runs of The Brady Bunch.}

But back to my title....The New April Kennedy.
And, I'm not just talking about the new haircut I got while on vacation!

My name is April Kennedy and I am a habitual procrastinator.
And....HATE IT.
Do they have meetings for my kind?

Well I'm here to tell you I'm changing my ways and guess what? If I do, my hubby will take me out to dinner in celebration.

You see, before every vacation or Queen Bee Market I have to pull all-nighters to catch up on office work, to get my taxes ready, to pay my bills before the electrical gets shut-off, etc, etc. It's not that I don't have the money. I always claim it is a 'time issue'. I wait until the last minute on most things. I say I thrive better with pressure. Dave says it will be the death of him and takes much control to show sympathy towards me during my crunch times. I don't want to live this way anymore. I really want a change.

So this is my month. I'm changing. I'm rearranging my priorities {again}. I am putting serious effort to put this habit behind me. Change is hard. I talked about it all through my vacation and woke up this morning in my own home and already wanted to abandon my New Me.

But a date with Dave will be fun. It will also be fun to prove him wrong. Because after 17 years he doesn't have much faith in me. Which I think makes the challenge that much more serious for me!

What about you?
Do you have a quality that you wish you were better at?
Are you ready to abandon a bad habit?
Wanna join me?
Let me know!

And also speaking about NEW.
Dave got a new girlfriend surfboard.

I tried talking him into a turquoise, orange and green board...
but he chose a white Stewart board and is really happy with it!

And one last bit of business.....
with darling short brown hair and a cute green/blue/white striped dress from TJ.
Your email that you sent me was deleted/lost before I could open it and I have spent hours looking for it.
Will you re-send it to my....pretty please.
I loved hanging out with you and want to stay in touch!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh you so got that trait from me. Sorry. And prioritizing is great on paper but I get side-tracked by things more interesting. I'm ALWAYS as busy as can be but with many time-wasters. Internet has become a huge distraction to me when I really need to be doing what's important. I do have too much to do but I also waste a lot of time. I'm on baby - it's a habit I need to break too! Let's wish each other luck!
    Love, Mom xoxo

  2. WOW!!!!!!!

    Look at him look at that board with love. he he he.

    And yes...I am a bad bad bad bad procrastinator. Awful. I hear that it is a trait of perfectionists? Like your mom, the internet has added to my procrastinating. Ugh. I am trying new time management strategies, though, and they are helping. Must be that time of year when we want to do better!!!
    Good luck!

  3. What a cute haircut! I think I need to relax more & am reminded of this as the new school year is quickly approaching!

  4. Love the hair and I'm also a horrible procrastinator. I've been trying to use my time more intentionally lately. I took the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration workshops and that has helped a lot - showed me how to use my time more effectively and to put it toward my goals and the things I love. With that said, I can still waste an hour on the internet like nobody's business. :)

  5. Good on you for wanting to do this!

    What kind of daily planner or organizational system do you use?

    I can show you my system if you want to see how I do it... it's all about creating processes....


    P.s. Love the new hairdo! Shout out to your stylist whoever he/she is.

  6. That haircute is super cute! Looking good hot momma!
    I am excited to see how you will overcome your habit of being a procrastinator! I will have to take a few pointers from you, as I am also a procrastinator.
    Hi my name is Jacqui and I am chronic procrastinator.

    Also, the way Dave is caressing his board is hysterical!
    Have a good week!

  7. I loved (and still love) the Brady Bunch. I would watch the reruns on Channel 44 after school. They sell a boxed set of all the episodes, in a fuzzy shag green box of all things.

    Good luck on the procrastination thing. I've been challenged with that for years and am improving little by little. I find that I tend to put of the things I don't like to do until the end, so now I try to slog through the less exciting tasks first.

    For your bills, can any of yours go on autopay? No more digging for the check book, findings stamps, etc.

  8. I am a terrible procrastinator as well. I am also a bit of a perfectionist, and I think the two go hand in hand. If I can't do something EXACTLY the way I want, half the time I don't even bother starting. Just recently I have been trying to work on that. Good luck!

  9. I am terrible at keeping up with the day-to-day routines...working out, picking up daily, dishes, clothes...typically I let it all pile up and try and do EVERYTHING at one time rather than just a bit at a time. One of my flaws I'm working on:)

  10. I am right there with you! A complete procrastinator. Always keeping lists & lists and getting things done. But, not necessarily the things that I want/need to get done. I'm trying hard to change as well.

    Saw you on Saturday, but didn't get a chance to say hi. Your haircut looks soo cute! I love it.

    Is it nice to be back home or are you missing your vacation on the beach still?

  11. I think your hair looks amazing! Love it shorter.

    And I am just beginning a 2 week body transformation! Eating better and working out:)

  12. Hi April. It was so good seeing you again at QBM.

    We chatted about the all-nighters at the show. How does someone like me (who sells planners and bill paying systems) fall into these bad habits? The weekend before QBM I, too, was cramming in months of paperwork in order to file my sales taxes when I should have been prepping for the show.

    I have also made a vow to be a proactive instead of reactive. Starting right...NOW!

    BTW...the hair is fabulous!

  13. Hi miss April!
    I have pulled more all nighters then I care to count before a market!
    I'm open to any ideas for creating change in my bad habits!
    Welcome back!
    Shelly xo

  14. Hey Jennifer - I'm a huge Franklin Planner nut ... but lots of times put off the planning and just do the calendaring. Bad when I know better. Have actually talked to April about a "planner." April, did you ever get your palm pilot?
    Mom again ~

  15. Jennifer & Mom! Palm pilot...hahahaha...that is so 10 years ago. I am using a day planner...a Much Ado about You planner that I love...but still can't get into a daily planner. I love my month at a glance with sidebar notes.

    My problems is my daily tasks with adding long term tasks each day. For me it is more a 'mind over matter' issue. I'll keep you all posted.

    Thanks everyone for the love and for joining in. ♥

  16. Cute hair! Isn't the first bit always acknowledging our weaknesses? And the best way to change them is to tell people... so YEAH! We're totally here for you and cheering, April.

  17. Shari -- Me too! The Franklin Planner system is the BEST. We really must convert April ;)

  18. ok...LOVE brady bunch. invite me to screening.

    i love the way dave loves his surf board. that may be a new dear dave and april.

    i am a bad procrastinator. it gets worse when school starts back (which actually is not good since I AM the teacher). i am trying desperately to line up people to keep me accountable at work but I need to do it at home too.

    i let dishes pile up, laundry devours me and cleaning OUT is my worst trait.

    i think i want to minimal-ize my life.

    i am already overwhelmed... :)


  19. love the new 'do, april!

    i'm also a bit of a procrastinator but my biggest issue is my lack of motivation toward housekeeping chores. instead of picking up as i go or putting the dishes in the dishwasher as soon as i'm done, things pile up and then become a chore.

    since little man is off to kindergarten soon, i'm trying my best to just hang out with him but this fall, i'll have more time and no excuse so i'll be turning over a new leaf, too!

    good luck to you - if we stay prayerful in this, God will give us the strength & motivation to change our bad habits!!

  20. Hi April, I love love love your new hair. It fits you perfectly.

  21. Love the new do! :) Hot!!! And boys and their toys...it never ends! LOL

  22. I LOVE your new haircut! It goes nicely with the new "you" :) Good luck with your challenge. I'm sure you'll rock it! Even if it's just to prove your husband wrong ;)

  23. Love the hairdo, very sassy! I to procrastinate and let other little things fill my time and bigger stuff gets pushed aside until the last minute. TELL ME TELL ME your plan to do this less or never again.

  24. April! You are so darling, no matter what hairdo you are sporting, but I have to say, I love IT!
    I also have a bad habit, of oversharing. Hi, my name is Brandy, and I overshare.
    Lets work on our issues- maybe Steve will take me out to dinner too- I sense a double date? Maybe to the melting pot? Some adorbale lady always raves about how great it is...

  25. I am the WORST procrastinator....the worst!!!! I was just griping about it today...I am going to work on it too. Maybe we should join a support group?? lol...

  26. April, LOVE the new hair! Super sassy.

    Hope you have fun recovering from QBM. :-)

  27. I would really like to keep my house clutter free. That way some of the cute things I have would not look so out of place. That would be great.
    Also, it was really great to meet you too!
    Thank you for the suggestion for the yellow skirt- it is perfect!

  28. Love the hair! When you get the procrastination thing figured out, bottle it and sell it. I'd buy it in a heartbeat! I get overwhelmed starting projects that I do everything else but what I need to.

  29. Just found your blog, but it sounds like I fit right in being a procrastinator too! Here's to changing!!! Good to all of us! thanks!

  30. I'm pretty sure your whole paragraph about procrastinating is spot on about me ;)

    Love your new hair too!

  31. Oh my...change the names and I could've written this myself! Well...most of it. I AM a chronic procrastinator. And I HAVE conviced myself that I thrive this way & do my best work when under extreme pressure (I really do!). I DON'T want to live like this forever. But I'm just not sure I'm ready to make the change. It's become so much a part of who I am. It's kind of like a security blanket. I think I get some sort of sick comfort in knowing I'll be pulling all-nighters to meet a deadline. But I know it must all change...I'll be following your progress & hope some it rubs off on me! Good luck!


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