Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

Dear April,

The last couple of weeks have been so serious around our house with kids and us that we need to get back to having fun and laughing. I think that we have been at our best when we have put each other first. I like how we had established early on in our marriage a rule that helped each other out in frustrated situations. Remember what it was? If one of us spilled something the other would clean or help clean up the mess. It is no fun cleaning up your own messes. I still remember when I was in the Air Force and I was polishing my boots at 5:30 am and spilled the liquid polish all over the kitchen. I remember it being a mega mess and you heard the container hit the floor and came running out without saying a word and went to work cleaning up the mess so I wouldn't be late to work. Most of the time you get the short end of the stick because I make a lot of messes.

 I am not a fan of the word "partnering" but I think the concept of it is awesome. When we work together the projects and chores get done so much faster and the company isn't half bad either! Life gets so serious sometimes that when you and I have a good belly laugh it really is good for the soul. So my challenge for us this week  is to lighten up a bit and laugh more as we partner to get some of the serious things done.

Love, Dave

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Dear Dave,

I do remember that rule and it does still apply today. And I remember hearing the container of polish hit the floor. Even though I was down the hall, half asleep, I knew you were polishing your boots and knew it was the polish that hit the floor...without you saying a word. And you are right...you do make more spilled/broken glass/dropped food messes but I really don't mind going in for the help in those situations because it almost immediately changes the 'bummer attitude' of something frustrating just happened. It is about partnering through the good and bad....maybe you would like the term 'working side-by-side' better. Or how about 'my hero'....coming in when the going gets tough and helping out the other! 

I accept your challenge. We do need to laugh more while still getting in the chores, the parenting, the discipline, the cleaning.....life. With school starting back up it is just a transition stage we need to figure out again....together. And, for the record....I do think we laugh a lot already. Our sense of humor gets us through tough times....but it's the frustrating times that we need to lighten up a bit and offer a helpful spirit towards one another.

Love, April

We have been watching the reality show Tia & Tamera on Style. Tamera married one of my really good friends from high school, Adam Housley. It been fun to see little glimpses of him on the show and also see what a pure and sweet heart Tamera has. On last night's episode Dave and I loved when Tamera was trying to learn how to wash Adam's clothes {which was both sweet and funny}. She was trying so hard to do the wifely duties. Adam said, "I haven't had anyone wash my clothes since high school. I don't mind the washing, I just hate to fold." Tamera jumped right in with "I don't mind folding, I don't like the washing!" And they toasted so happily to "You wash and I'll fold!"

That's mine and Dave's new saying....."You wash. I'll fold." Teamwork at it's best in all areas besides laundry! Thanks Adam and Tamera for reminding us about the little things that can make married life so sweet again.

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  1. Just have to say how much I love this series of yours! It's so encouraging to read about your ups and downs - and from both your viewpoints. Thanks for putting yourselves out there!!

  2. Another great letter! I love to laugh and belly laughs are the best. I am too serious when it comes to household chores.

    You inspire me.


  3. Awesome letters [as always]. My hubby washes and I fold. It just works well that way ---- well, when I actually fold the clothes. :)


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