Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

Dear Dave,
I miss you. I don't think I would EVER tire of spending summer days with you. Or any day for that matter. The WHOLE day is my dream. So let's continue to dream of being millionaires and how to get there so we can spend EVERY day together sometime soon in the future. This having to go to work during the day is for the birds. I'd rather work on projects, go to the beach, hit a surf shop in the afternoon, pick up Pedro's tacos for dinner and then hit the beach again for the sunset everyday with you. But that would mean moving to San Clemente....which we dream often about too.

I love dreaming about days with you. What do you dream about these days?

Love, me
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  1. Sweet. I love your letter April. I bet Dave dreams of more and more surf boards...with the way he was lovin' his newest one! :)

    I need a canvas print for my wall at home...

    Glad you are back...glad for me, sad for you (not that it matters to me really since I live on the east coast and not right down the road from you...)

    Hope the rest of your week is filled non-procrastinating dreams! :) (I think that cancels itself out, what do you think?)


  2. Sounds like a wonderful dream to me!

  3. Aawww...such a sweet dream.


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