The Bachelor Pad Re-Cap

Let's Do This!
Let's see the ending to last week's episode.

Oh bummer.
Ya Kasey you are so tough.
You wait until Jake is in the limo with the door shut and then say 'kick rocks'?
Ya...real tough guy.
Then you say....."a euphoric sensation all over my body"
because Jake left? I was belly laughing over that one.
I guess you will be more entertaining than if Jake stayed.
But you still make me want to vurp.
{dave just taught me that word...vurp. vomit + burp}

You don't have to make out with the guy/girl.
Just give them a sweet kiss.
It doesn't mean you are a slut if you kiss them.
BUT this is Bachelor Pad.

Oh Blake's kiss with Holly so sweet.
But so sad to watch Michael.

Erica looked like she was swallowing the guys' faces.
Dang Holly....your 5 minutes is up with Blake!

I think if I had to kiss Kasey...I would take his hand to kiss
 and whisper to him...'you have bad breath'!

Yay for Blake and Ella.
Both sweehearts.
And one-on-one romantic dates.
That means Vienna and Kasey won't be picked.

Ha...William claiming he would be a 'man whore'.
Kirk and Ella are cute together...
but don't look right together.
He's dressed all hip and she looks old in that top.

I think after that massage from Erica to Blake...
Blake might be the next 'man whore'
not William!

Bat Crazy Melissa is about to go even more bat crazy.
Good for Blake to break that up.

Erica and William might just win this whole thing.

The 40 second toothbrushing comment also had me laughing out loud.
I like Blake. And Melissa was hilarious walking through the whole house tracking him down.

Holly and Blake are freakin' cute together.
Maybe they can kick out Melissa and Michael and become the new power couple.
But then they show sweet Michael and my heart breaks for him.

{side note...personal story}
I've so been there. Where Michael is.
When my first husband and I separated to give him some time to pull his head out of his butt....
I mean think...
I thought he would miss me the whole week.Realize what he was potentially giving up.
When we got back together at the end of the week and I told him that the week had been complete hell for me....he said, "oh...it's kind of been a really nice week for me."
While his honesty hurt even more than the previous week of hell...it helped me move on.
Why would I want to be with someone who didn't want to choose me over everything/everybody else.
Maybe this will help Michael move on and get over Holly.
I sure got over my ex fast...after that comment.

The chemistry between Blake and Holly is undeniable.
Kind of like Dave and I when we met up again after our divorces!
Playful flirting...kind of cautious...then undeniable chemistry.

This part of the episode kind of reminds me of the reality show Temptation Island.
Do any of you remember that show?
Michael alone at the fire wondering what his girlfriend is doing with the other guy.

I have been sitting here mesmerized watching the Holly and Michael conversations.
One thing I am so impressed with....
Holly's ability to vocalize her feelings...so mature for her age.
So refreshing.

Melissa is something else. Where is her reality?
She is CRAZY. Actually there isn't even a word to describe her level of CRAZY.
I'm going to miss the CRAZY...but the house does need the break!

William is a cutie and has completely redeemed himself from last season.
Melissa might have also redeemed herself just a tad also by leaving quietly.
Hey Michelle Money...Blake was pretty innocent.
Melissa needs some therapy.

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  1. I'm SOOOO happy Melissa is gone. although I kind of wanted a more dramatic exit just for the fun of it.

    Also... I missed the mask guy clips at the end of the show. :( He was creepy but hilarious.

    Thanks for posting this! LOVE!!


  2. Love it. I agree with everything...except Blake. He is trash. Total trash. His teeth are too white, his neck is too wide, he thinks he is something fabulous, but he just isn't. He's mean and a little too easy.

    We like to mimic Kasey's voice...kindof Kermit the Frog, while we watch. :)

  3. You say everything I think about the show!!!

    Michelle Money comment at the end? Totally. I really think Blake is LESS unlikable on the Pad than he was on the 'ette.

    I completely agree with Holly and her ability to voice her feelings. I think what it is...and I've been thinking about it for awhile, wishing I had been more like her when I was younger....is she SIMPLY says what she feels. She doesn't try and find a "good" way to say anything, or a "less hurtful" way. She just says it. And it comes out exactly as it should. A lesson to be learned, me thinks....

    I totally remember Temptation Island. Loved that stupid stuff too!!

  4. Ugh, I do NOT like Blake. At all...I wish Michael would be the next bachelor, but that's not gonna happen, either.
    Ahh, yes I remember Temptation Island. That girl on 'roids was scary.

  5. Not a fan of Blake. I love Holly (and your recaps!)


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