Bachelor Pad Re-Cap....

Episode 3:
Blake uses 'live wire' to describe Melissa.
BAT CRAZY is better!
Ok....well 'APE *^&*' works too.

Jake you take yourself WAY too seriously.

The flowers on the bikini bottoms just don't look right.
I have one of those flowered swim caps. In turquoise.
I wear it for skits. OFTEN!

It will be hilarious if Michelle wins over Vienna...
especially after her speech on how well she did!

Those guys were freakin' amazing in the synchronized swimming!
I'm not sure that Erica is really Jake's type.
Oh Kasey....there are no words.
You are a butt hole.
You are controlling and emotionally abusive too.
You are too big for your own britches. You aren't that great.
'Go put on a pretend face to make sure everyone thinks we are OK.'
are you kidding me. Kasey...shut your face.
Oh I want to call you really bad names right now.

I feel bad for Blake.
Keep Melissa happy....good luck.

Money and Graham making out.
She didn't really get a 'yeah I'm into you'
but still went in for the kiss.
Graham's playing it safe....with a few benefits!

Why do people keep taking Kasey and Vienna on dates?
Holly, you broke up with Michael.
Of course you just want to hang out and have fun.
Michael on the other hand is still head over heels in love.
Wow either Blake is a really good actor...
or Melissa is desperate and

There you go Jake.
Quit taking about yourself and start rallying the forces!
ewww...gross. Erika and Jake kissing.
It is all just wrong.
And Erika talking about her lips and injections.

Holly and Michael's date was so sweet with Brett Michaels.
How perfect was that song for them.
Do I dare admit that I teared up?!

Kasey and Vienna....
buzzkill...I don't want it to be an engagement ring.
oh...no...please stop singing.
oh it is painful.
it makes me squirm.
how does vienna not laugh?

erika sneaking around is hilarious.
and brilliant.

Hurricane Melissa...another great nickname.
Did you see all that alcohol on the back counter?

Love all the scheming to get Kasey off.
Doesn't feel so good...huh Kasey?
Time for a tast of your own medicine.
And everytime you open your mouth...
not only do I think creepy...but I think abusive.

Vienna is not very cute...but her dress is!
She should have left the necklaces at home though with that neckline.
I just want to smack that smirk off of cocky's Kasey's face.

William has totally flown under the radar.
Not much going on with him.
He must have learned his lesson during the roast with Ashley.

Why does Chris Harrison say Kasey and then my screen go black?
What happened. What did I miss?
No...not crazy masked swimmer.
I want to see Jake's exit...or Kasey's?
I guess we have to wait a whole week.


  1. I just read your last recap and posted on it and then was so excited to see this one pop up!!!
    I really can't believe that ending. I replayed it a couple of times to make sure I wasn't just imagining it.
    Okay, I really hope Holly and Michael work it out. I would love that but I think that she is just not ready?! but I wish she was <3

  2. I missed the episode so thanks for the recap! I'm pretty sure reading your post is better than actually watching the show anyway! :)

  3. Hi miss April!
    I love your Re-caps! Too funny!
    I've been doing them to.
    Shelly xo


  4. hahaha! I love this and couldn't agree with you more. So wish you lived closer because how fun would it be to watch together? Kasey & Vienna make me a little ill... yuck!

  5. oh the kasey singing was horrible. I felt that awkward feeling you have when you're embarrassed for somebody. I'm so glad you didn't see the ending either ~ I thought maybe it was DVR!


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