Bachelor Pad: Re-Cap

Episode 1:
Didn't watch. I was told I didn't miss much.

Episode 2:
Are we really going to have to listen to Casey's voice this whole season.
Ella..."I don't cheat, I just break up with them first."
That is the correct order Ella. Good for you!
Those questions in the egg throwing contest were BRUTAL.
I'm not sure I'm liking many of these 'contestants'....
glad Crazy Pants Michelle is there and Kirk and Blake.
Did Casey just say that he needs to go to the 'boom boom room?' 

Holly and Michael at least know how to communicate.
Awww....Ames found love with Jackie?

Listening to Jake talk is almost as bad as listening to Casey.
I'm loving Blake's honesty. Not really into Melissa...but might be some flirting.
Casey needs a dose of reality. You aren't the Godfather.
Blake is a PLAYER!
whoa on the kiss and comment....
'it seemed like a good idea at the time!'

Love the playful Blake and Holly.
Wow Casey has finally found someones heart to guard and protect.
Oh NO...the beating tattoo. LOSER.

Way to go Chris Harrison.
No one is forcing Vienna to be here...he'll call the cab.

Oh...I think the producers just saved Jake for J, V & C drama!
What ever happened to Gia and the country singer?
Oh Gia...don't lower yourself to quoting 'guarding and protecting'.

Why isn't Erika a given for the girl to go tonight?
Is it that she just isn't a threat?

Michelle might be nicknamed 'Crazy Pants'
but Melissa wins for 'Emotional Pants'.

OK that ending made me teary-eyed.
Chills and not expected at all.
And for my friend, Ashley.....
I'm so happy Ames found love.
Really I am. They are really sweet together!

And...now I'm all caught up and
ready for episode 3 tonight!

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  1. Hehe - loved your recap! So true.

    Wondering what happens this week...I can only imagine..oh boy!

    If you like recipes - come by my blog today/tomorrow for a Tasty Tuesday Link-up! :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. Bachelor Pad is a stupid silly show and I love it. I hate admitting that I love it. I don't even like this cast of characters!! Vienna is just evil, Kasey is sweet and thinks he's saving someone whenever he's in a relationship, but he keeps picking women who don't need saving. LOL Cry baby Melissa is by far the most psychotic on the show who doesn't actually know she's psychotic. I think Vienna knows she's bat-crazy, but desires to be so.

  3. This show is totally my guilty pleasure. I refused to watch it last year, but this year with so many of the people being from Brad and Ashley's seasons (which I watched pretty closely), I figured why not? Casey BUGS me. Bad news for you though. :-( Ames and Jackie aren't together anymore. He might be the next Bachelor though, so maybe he will still have a chance to find love...

  4. LOVE it April!!! Glad you caught up. I have been holding off on reading your post because I wanted to make sure I was caught up!!
    and what?! Did I just read that Ames and Jackie aren't together anymore ~ oh no! As you know, huge Ames fan here!!! I adore him.
    I want to hear what you have to say about this last episode!? It was such a strange finish. I haven't googled it yet to try and find out what happened.
    TOTALLY agree on the producers wanted to keep J, V and K around so fixed that elimination to be girls only.


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