What I Wore Wednesday

Oh...it's been awhile.
I just keep forgetting to take pictures to document outfits.
And, I find myself standing in my closet thinking...'what should I wear?'
That was one reason I started participating in WIWW.
So I would have a library of pics of outfits.

And be inspired by all the other girls over on Lindsey's blog that link up!!

I've been dreaming of finding a vintage dress.
Only problem is...they are all usually too small for me.
I'm a size 10-12.
But guess what ladies....I found one and I'm in love.
And, it still had the original tags on the dress.
$5.99. Size 14-16.
Let me tell you....14-16 was still small back then!

Cream CottonVintage Dress w/Crocheted Hem: Betty Girl Boutique - Local
Brown Belt: Betty Girl Boutique
 Ruffled Cardigan: Hollister
Bronze Wedges: Old
Turquoise Earrings: Target

And Kaia joined in on the action again. Isn't she so stinkin' cute? OK...I might be prejudice!

Skirt: Forever 21 {same as Lindsey's I think!}
Aqua Cardigan: Forever 21
Yellow Leather Flower Sandals: Steve Madden
Blooming Bobby: Funky Vintage Lovely

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  1. your dress is lovely!!

    visiting from the pleated poppy! and now following you!


  2. really beautiful...both of you! :)


  3. Oh.. I do like!... I so wish I could do belts!.. even back when I was thin (odd I did not think I was thin then...6 kids ago) I could not even do belts.. that is unless the belts under the boobs look becomes popular anytime soon, I am so short waisted!..but you my dear.. look wonderful!


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  5. You both look adorable, and I LOVE your "new" Vintage Dress. It is perfect! xo

  6. Both outfits are so very cute! You look lovely!

  7. Love both your outfits! Your dress is adorable!!!!

  8. GIRL!!! You look TINY in that dress. Are you sure those tags didn't say 4-6?

    You inspire me daily!


  9. I absolutely adore your "new" dress! It's so feminine and summery. LOVE it! And your daughter is pretty stinkin' cute! I love her yellow sandals for a fun pop of color :)

  10. LOOOOVE that outfit April! Fave I've ever seen, you look smashing!

  11. Oh wow! That cream dress was such a great find. So pretty and flattering!

  12. LOVE, love, love that dress! ;o)

  13. You look Amazing! And Kaia IS so stinking cute!

  14. LOVE your outfit!! And honestly, I never would have guessed that you were a 10/12. I would have guessed 8, which is my goal. I mean, that outfit is so fabulous, really.

    And your daughter does look SO adorable! Love that she wanted to be in on the action.

    ♥ Amber
    Silver Lining

  15. Ya'll both look oh so cute!!!!

  16. Glad you are back! That vintage dress is wonderful! :)

  17. You look GORGEOUS!!! Love your dress!

  18. Love the dress! What a find! and your daughter is so adorable! :)

  19. That dress looks fantastic! Love it - and your daughter is beautiful (and I love her shoes!)

  20. Look how cute you look! And I KNOW about the sizing. Patterns can be like that. I used to cringe in college when the seamstress in the costume dept would shout to the whole dressmaking team what size they should make my costumes. EEK!

    But really I just had to stop by and tell you my "What I wore EVO edition"....I haven't done a post on it yet....but if you see any pics where I'm wearing a pink striped shirt...that is OFFICIALLY my homage to April Kennedy. And I totally channeled you when I bought it. I don't wear it as well as you would. But it reminds me of you. :)

  21. You and your daughter are both stinkin cute! :) Love the dress you found. You'll be able to do lots with it.

  22. um SO ADORABLE! love the dress and belt!

  23. You look stunning in that dress and cardi!! That is exactly how I want to dress but I'm clueless. You're a great inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  24. I think this might be my favorite WIWW outfit to date! You look absolutely gorgeous and I definitely think the cardigan is such a perfect color for you.

  25. Adorable!! Both of you! :) I just joined in last week on the wiww, so fun :)
    I LOVE your style :)

  26. I love the red and white combo!
    You are both so stylish =)
    Great looks

  27. You look great! I love a white dress! That red really pops with it too!

  28. You both look extra fabulous!! You look like a quintessential CA gal!

  29. absolutely LOVE your dress!! you look gorgeous.

  30. So sweet <3
    Visiting from The Pleated Poppy :)

    Sara Sophia

  31. gorgeous!gorgeous!gorgeous! Love the dress. Such a fantastic find.

  32. what an awesome find!! It looks great!!

    thanks for sharing

  33. AAHH!!! WOW- AMAZING. GORGEOUS. SWoon! Yes, I'm screaming. I L.O.V.E your dress. you accessorized it perfectly. so fantastic (and naturally your daughter is adorable in her stripey skirt. )

  34. April,
    What an adorable outfit!!! Love that dress on you! You my dear are so cute!
    on another note, I am thinking of buying my college age daughter your keep calm ring...she just broke up with her long time boyfriend and think this might be just what she needs! I am off to shop your shop! any sales today? LOL


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