On Our Agenda Today....

We are heading to this craft fair today!
I'm really excited to check it out.

And then off to the Happiest Place on Earth for a couple of days
where Blake is made to feel so special with a VIP pass that gets us on rides pretty quickly.
No waiting in long lines and having his legs turn to mush by late afternoon.

Sometimes a permanently disabling birth defect has it's benefits.
I just wish we didn't get the glaring stares when he walks up to the rides by all the bystanders who think we are 'faking' it. Come hang with us for a day or two then you can judge.

Instead we just look at the glaring bystanders and pretend we are Rockstars
and they just haven't recognized us yet!
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  1. Have fun at the happiest place on earth!

  2. Have fun!! Post some pics of Unique LA :)

  3. Have fun. Love the Rock Star comment. Make sure and pose for some pictures!

  4. I suppose if I lived by the happiest place on Earth, I'd be there every summer too. For now, I'll just be sufficiently jealous. But of course
    I don't "really" want to go...my kids are too young/little. They'd be miserable 3 hours into my fun. :)

    Have a great time!

  5. My friend with an Autistic boy gets the same envious looks. Rock it girl!

  6. That is funny...keep those shades on and walk with your head held high...they will be guessing for hours!!!



  7. My sister's form of spina bifida requires her to use a wheel chair at places like disneyland. So, no glares here, but I have to say I am periodically guilty of giving glares to people who so VERY obviously do not have anything wrong with them...like the jr. highers who rent a wheel chair and then seem to have a different kid in it at every ride. :) Any who. Have fun!!!

  8. We get a special assistance pass for our little guy too. I've only had a few nasty comments, but like you said...come spend a week with me or sit in on our 3 hour IEP and then you can rethink your opinion :)

  9. We were just discussing the excitement of the fast pass when we take the kids in a year or two. Look, if people want to look at anyone as if they're "faking it," they can just spend an hour with all of us. My whole day has been scripted, courtesy of autism. It's how we roll.

  10. Can't wait to see how fun all your adventures are over the next couple of days. So fun!


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