It's Road Trippin' Time...

It's road trippin' time.
And, yes that is my sewing machine packed in the trailer!
That Trailer....crazy.
But that is what it takes to go on vacation for a couple of weeks
with Queen Bee Market as the finale of the trip!

Let me warn you...
There are adorable...like really adorable, cake plates in those bins!
Probably my most favorite to date.
I get serious butterflies when I see them.

We are making the drive today.
Stayin' in a beach house for 10 days!
My sister and her family of 6 are coming to crash for the week with us.

A family is house sitting our house and dog so don't go bother breaking in.
They are armed with Blake's Red Rider BB Gun and Zoe's got a mean bark.
Don't bother TPing us either please. We don't want them to have to clean it up!

Our least favorite part of our Road Trippin'....
Driving through Harris Ranch.
The stench of all those cows almost makes me want to be a vegetarian!
We were gagging and exhaling.
It was bad this year.

We are just pulling into dinner at In-N-Our Burger in Kettlemen City.
I'm getting animal fries for dinner.
Over and out!



  1. The picture of your husband is too funny!!! Enjoy your vacation! Can't wait to see pics of those cake plates now!!

  2. i am excited to see those cake plates mentioned! are they for your display at QBM? or are you selling them?! drive safe & have fun at the beach!

  3. What a fun trip!! How awesome. Can't wait to see you again at the market!

  4. i didn't see any surf boards in there. tell me you didn't forget them!

    can't wait to see you april!!

  5. Have fun!!!!!!!!! You make me smile...even road tripping it through smelly land! :)


  6. I get to go to QBM in San Diego since I will be there for BlogHer! I'm SO excited I get to meet you!

  7. 10 days at the beach sounds fabulous! Have a great time!!!

  8. Have a blast!! And yes, driving through Harris Ranch is terrible. Ick!


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