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I've seen the 'summer lists' popping up all over the internet. We came up with a different kind of list. A 'Go. See. Do. List' using the alphabet. The night before my 40th birthday we found ourselves sitting at a restaurant table waiting for our food and creating our list. It was so much fun talking about dreams and wishes for this list! We are still short on a few letters.

The only rule for the list....it had to be something we could 'go to' 'see' or 'do' as a family. We are giving ourselves a year to accomplish this list. Here's what we've come up with. Hoping you can help us with our blank letters!

A: Angel Island bike ride
B: Baseball game in San Francisco
C: Concrete Slides in San Francisco with a trip to the Ice-Creamery afterwards
D: Drive-In movie theater
E: Entertainment Night - Family Skits
F: Ferry Ride to Ferry Building for Farmer's Market in San Francisco
G: Go-karts
H: Hike Westwood Hills
I: Inner tubing at the snow
J: Johnny Garlics Restaurant
K: Kite Flying
L: Love (heart) Attack
M: Movie Night - outside in backyard
N: Night under the Stars - sleep outside
O: Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga
P: Picnic Dinner
R: Roller Skating Rink
S: Safari West
T: Toilet Papering with the kids
V: Volunteer at The Table Homeless Shelter - Serve Dinner
W: Wax Museum in San Francisco
Y: Yahtzee Night
Z: Oakland Zoo

We live only an hour away from San Francisco and are always wondering why we don't spend more time in the City....this list takes care of that. Some of the things cost some money, some are free, some will take some planning....but we are excited for all of them! Now get to work helping us with the blanks...will ya....pretty please? We are totally drawing blanks!

P.S. People are asking if they can steal the idea. Go for it! I saw it on another blog a few years back. We just changed it up with the alphabet list to help get us thinking outside of the box.
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  1. N could have something to do with night- night games, night under the stars, night away from home.
    Q makes me think of quilts, maybe make one to give away.
    This sounds like a great list. I miss San Francisco what a great place.

  2. For V, my first thought is volunteer. My brother and his family (keep in mind his kids are older) volunteer at a soup kitchen each Christmas.

    For U, my first thought is UNPLUG for a day - no internet, no cell phone, just time together! ;) Impossible for me!

  3. Ok, these may be cheesy but I thought I would give it a try..ha. N=Nature Walk, U=Under the stars or Under the moon(plan a creative little night out), V=Visit a Nursing Home or Visit family somewhere
    Anywho, this list was awesome:)

  4. N - Nuzzle with family
    Q - Queen Bee Market Prep? or be a Queen for the day *you deserve it
    V - I'm loving the Volunteer idea
    U - Underwater exploration - go snorkeling!

    I love this April, your list is fantastic! Good luck with X

  5. I would change the Ferry to the V spot and make that Vallejo Ferry and come up with something new for F. But....I do really like the volunteer for V, teaches the kids too!

  6. eXploratorium in the City..not technically an X but if you spell phonetically it's the Xploratorium...

  7. x could be just for you and Dave... :) Rhymes with... :)

    I'm a dork. :)

  8. N = Noise-making on New Year's Eve
    Q = Quiet dinner for two at home. Mom, can you take the kids? Of course. :o)
    U = Up, Up and Away! Take a family balloon ride. You live in the Napa Valley for crying out loud!
    X = Xtra hugs to each family member All. Day. Long. This could get corny and funny!

    Love, Mom

  9. hahaha...I read this post and we're working on a similiar thing! Except I'm horrible about updating my blog. We are a "Go, See, Do" kind of family and I though...what a great blog post idea...love it!

  10. Mom, I'm scared of those balloon rides. Plus too many poor balloon riders have seen me walk into my backyard in my pj top and undies to water my plants....not knowing there was a balloon just above my backyard!

    Love the Xtra hug day though. It would be totally fun and funny.

  11. Oh I love this idea! So fun. For "N" you could go to a "Neon Trees" concert! My brother in law is the guitarist. Had to put a plug in for them. LOL. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for "Q!" ;)

    P.S. I heart your blog!

  12. N - Night
    Q - Quench (your thirst with some yummy vintage sodas or something), or Quilt, Quit a bad habit
    U – Underwater, Under the stars, Up (a hike)
    X - XOXO Valentines, X Marks the Spot treasure hunt around San Fran or your home town

    Love this idea!

  13. All I can think of for N is nap! But that is how I roll...

    U... we have an Underwater World here.. do you have something similar?

    Do you mind if I steal this idea?

  14. Stealing! We gave the summer list a try and my boys had a blast coming up with ideas and now checking off their adventures. Like me, they love a plan!

  15. N: North--head up north, any where!
    Q: Quiet time. See if you could go a whole day without talking.
    U: Upside down roller coaster!
    X: I really like the X marks the spot someone wrote about earlier... that is a tough letter!

    This is such a great idea, just might have to steal it for our family!

  16. Love this idea, April! I don't have any suggestions, bit I do have free passes to the Old Faithful Geyser, if you'd like them! We won them a few years ago at the dinner dance. It came with a whole bunch of passes. We've already been,and still have more! Let me know if you'd like them!

    <3, Kimberly

  17. I love this idea! I will have to do this with my family!

  18. What about the Napa Fair for N?

    Love the list, fun idea. Hopefully you will update us as you check these off your list.
    By the way, I think it rocks that you hav TP with your kids on there. That might put you in the ranks of the coolest parents ever!

  19. Hi April! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I edit my pictures using picnik.com. I love it because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but it's pretty easy for to use. LOL. You can tilt the pictures, add text, do collages, add effects etc. The best is near Halloween when picnik has a Zombie effect. You can change everyone in the picture into a zombie. It's hilarious!

  20. What a great idea! I love your list!!!

  21. Night Fishing for "N", love the idea.

  22. Love this idea! I might have to steal it. I hear that Safari West is amazing! My mom & step-dad stayed there for a couple of nights a few years ago and loved it. It's definitely someplace we plan to take the kids one day.

    Love the N ideas for Night under the stars! And SO jealous of "Ferry Rid to Farmer's Market @ Ferry Building". LOVE that place!


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