Go 4th and Shop SALE!

My biggest discount code ever for all in stock items!
Have fun shopping today.

{Pssst.....Only 4 Keep Calm + Carry On Necklaces in stock right now.}

Happy 4th of July!

Which wouldn't be complete for our family without sparklers!!
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  1. April,
    What kind of earrings do you recommend to wear with a mum or peony necklace? I've been eye-ing those cute necklaces for some time, but I don't want the earrings to be too matchy-matchy.


  2. Sharon,
    I'm working on that. I don't usually wear the earrings and necklaces together for the same reasons...but I am working on making some sets for people who do want to wear both and not look too matchy-matchy.

    The little ruffled roses do look pretty with the lotus drop necklaces though...in particular the light pinks are pretty. And people usually match the mustard, grey and turquoise mum necklaces and earrings...but I'm not sure have those in stock right now.

    I usually wear earrings with a ring or a necklace alone or with a wood button ring....which I am on the lookout for more of those too!

    Thanks for the inquiry and have a great 4th!!

  3. Love the shop - so festive and fun! How did I miss that? Happy 4th of July my friend!!!


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