Craft Camp 2011....Days Four + Five

Day Four of Craft Camp.

Day four of craft camp was so much fun!
On the agenda....Friendship Bracelets first.
Next picking out and starting to sew and gather ruffles for their t-shirts.
And last, painting the blocks of wood for their mini silhouette wall hangings.
I also threw in a few blossom bobbies and a blossom ring for good measure.

{Again, I love having little projects the girls can work on while waiting for their turn at the sewing machine.
Another side note...I set up the sewing machine in a different area of the room to give each girl some individual attention at the sewing machine and lessen the distractions!}

The girls went to town on Friendship Bracelets. They had them stacked around both their wrists and ankles.
I loved all their color choices. Kaia and I taught them a cute finger knitting one. Maybe we will make a picture/video tutorial of it to show you how to make them this weekend!

Day Five of Craft Camp!

On the agenda....
Finish the ruffled t-shirts that the girls and moms were giddy over
and complete the mini silhouette wall hangings.

The girls had their choice of pink, green or blue ruffles for their t-shirts.
The majority picked blue.
I was loving the green!

And the pink ruffle on S. on the left below turned out really really sweet and subtle!

Loved how these three girls' ruffles matched their Mini Silhouette Wall Hangings!

Mini Tutorials coming soon on Ruffled T-shirts and the Mini Silhouette Wall Hangings.
I say 'mini' because I wing most of my crafty projects!

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  1. So stinkin' cute! What an awesome ideat, the girls look so proud!

  2. The friendship bracelets are so cute! Would love to see a tutorial of that sweet little craft. Hope you are having a great summer!

  3. HORRAY for these - I'm LOVING those shirts and can't wait for a tutorial - love it all April, you are so CRAFTY!

  4. Oh my! The ruffle shirts, the rings, the bracelets...my daughter would be in craft heaven! And she would definitely be wishing for you as a mother since her own has not a crafty bone in her body ;)

  5. Those shirts are sooo cute!! Can't wait for the tutorial! My girls will love these...

  6. oh, those friendship bracelets bring back such memories...mainly how I would wear 20 while wearing my tight rolled jeans....and bass loafers with laces twirled....looks like the coolest craft camp ever!

  7. WOW what a great camp! I love it.. My friend and I were thinking of hosting a camp like this, over the winter break. We want to do it to raise money for her daughter's memorial garden at school. Her daughter Tess, passed away at the age of 7, going on 4 years ago. We thought her friends would enjoy a camp like this and we could raise money for the Butterfly Garden. Thanks for sharing! Love it and LOVE your blog!!! (your my favorite :)


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