The Bachelorette Re-Cap

I'm coming in late.
And, I missed last week's episode.

What is Ryan doing there?
Oh lucky me...coming in on Constantine's date.
If you are STILL trying to figure things out....
he's not the guy for you.

A wife is even a bigger investment...Dopey.
Ya...Ya...She is telling him to go for it and all he can say is....
He might be more dull than Ashley.

Honey, you have all the time in the world.
You don't have to get engaged at the end of the show.
This is a marriage you are talking about....
Not purchasing a house!

It just doesn't flow easily with him.
So what you are saying, Constantine, is....it's HER.
Is he dumping her tonight?
Wow, I don't think that has ever happened.
Maybe you aren't so Dopey Constantine.
That might do a number on her confidence.

You are going to torture yourself and read the fantasy date card.
Girl go get your date from last night and give him another night!
Especially if it was JP!
But if it was JP...I'm going to be bummed that I missed it.
I'm impressed that she is not a hot mess.

I've never looked up a spoiler for Bachelor.
I'm tempted this time.
Just to get it over with.

Can't wait until Bachelor Pad!!
But that means that I'm going to miss the finale of The Bachelorette next week.
We'll be at Disneyland....still on vacation.
I know...crazy long vacation..huh?
Ryan might be her best bet.
He's cheesy...she's boring.
He would make her always feel like a million bucks
and adore her.
She NEEDS that.

Oh...that was cruel.
You're still not the one.
I hope you didn't bring him all the way to Fiji to tell him that.
I hope he came on his on accord.
I must have missed that in the beginning.

I hope that passion is with JP!
They do have quite a bit of chemistry.
I wish they showed more of their everyday conversation chemistry.
It seems to always just be about their relationship.

Have you noticed...they never have to use their actual 'key'!
Well if that button down shirt and panties isn't an invitation into bed...I'm not sure what is.
Naughty Ashley.

Really a rose ceremony?
Well I guess she needs to confirm they want one.
Did Ben get a haircut?
I'm liking it a little shorter!

Her ring is too big and square.
JP looks crushed he wasn't first.
I can't believe I'm going to miss the finale.
I'm pretty sure we will be waiting for fireworks next week.

Oh I might be able to catch the reunion show!
OK...the toe thing started out funny....
then when she suggested kissing a toe for a toe....
confirmed that there is something odd about her.

P.S. Will you update me on hometown dates and Ben F.'s overnighter please?!
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  1. Yes she is odd! And I like JP alot! I think she will pick him, I know I would!! Watch the finale online when you get the chance. I don't want to miss her crazy family drama (as in crazy Viena crazy; yay Bachelor Pad!!)!

  2. HAHAHAHA!! Totally got me laughing! I 100% agree with everything you said! I'm so ready for this to be done and I only started watching it a few weeks ago :)

  3. I'm new to your blog, new follower..hope you follow back :)

    UGh...she is so strange. I'm not a big fan of her...at ALL.

    JP is adorable...totally adorable!! i hope if they wind up together that she won't turn crazy on him...she has that potential!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

  4. OH girl! I just love your comments on the show... hilar! I. die.

    Um... really??? Ryan??? Really?? so with you!

    It's funny... I'm totally digging Ben... though... I think he's going to get his little heart smashed into a million pieces in the end... their date was great... they spent the day on the water and on a fabulous boat... i'm pretty sure Beyonce and Jay-Z lent it to them... rediculous.

    Have a blast at Disneyland!


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