YW Girl's Camp 2011 - Craft Leader

YW Girl's Camp 2011 - Crafts in Pictures

{with a little narration!}

That's my cute craft assistant Carla aka Carlo...but we are more like co-leaders.
We finish each others sentences, can have the same craft vision without explaining, and I love her like she is my blood sister. She has a little Baby Blake and I love that both our boy's names are the same.
I got to help her and her hubby with the delivery of little Baby Blake.
{I'm sometimes a doula. Like 12 times.}

We usually try to come up with five crafts and one 'share the love' craft for campers to make for other campers!

This was our 'share the love' craft. Sweet + Simple and the girls loved writing special notes to new friends and youth camp leaders. Like 200 sweet loves were passed around camp!

Paper covered composition notebooks. We figured this craft would help out the parents when the next school list was sent home. Kaia usually needs like 3 composition notebooks. Now the girls all have a handmade pretty one!

Friendship bracelets! A HUGE hit.
I even made one for Blake in the San Francisco Giants' colors. He loved it!

Flower bobbies. Each girl was able to make 4 total.

Our most time consuming and most loved craft....a felt flower necklace.
Carla and I shopped for the supplies together, talked about what it would look like and dreamed of how pretty they would be but we hadn't really figured out how to make one until we got up to camp.
We said a little prayer that our efforts and thoughts would be successful.
Our prayer was heard!

Chalkboard plaque. The girls love to paint up at camp. We gave them the option of either making a chalkboard plaque or just free painting on the wood board. I think it ended up being a 50/50 split.

These boards were left over from last year's camp from another craft and we loved being able to come up with a new craft using product we already had!

At one point we had 35 girls in the craft shack. We were busy but loved every minute of it.
I always go through a little Carla withdrawal after camp.
This was our third year together and just keeps getting better and better.

There is always a dance on Thursday night. We wore costumes...kind of.
We were dressed as nerds, danced like nerds and pretty much stayed in character all night long.

We decided Carla had a way cuter nerd face.....so I gave it another try.

I even did a cartwheel on the dance floor in between doing the sprinkler, the lawn mower, the shopping cart and the lasso. For the record though, Carla is an amazing nerd dancer and I need lessons for next year!

I ♥ my Carlo. And, being craft leader!

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  1. I want to be one of your campers! Looks like you had a great time. Great projects- the felt necklace came together beautifully!!

  2. you are so darn cute. what a fun fun time! i would love to do something like that around here!!

  3. Ya, I totally want to be camper. :-)

  4. haha! So funny! I so wish I was a camper. Love all of the projects the girls got to do. That felt necklace is adorable.

  5. I know..I want to be a camper too! Looks like so much fun...and work too, but fun. :)

  6. Seriously, I was doing a-ok with missing another year of girls camp in our old stake now that we've moved UNTIL I read this!! Now I am missing it so badly. :( My littlest sister is a 4th year and they haven't had girls camp yet, so I'm thinking a visit may be in order...

  7. I bet the girls just LOVE you! I know I do!

  8. You are seriously too cute and fun!! Along with your partner Carlo :) Love how you had the craft shack even decorated for fun. I am passing this onto my Mom for ideas and maybe even to our stake camp leader. love all the things you did!

  9. You guys are too cute! It looks like you had a GREAT time!

  10. How fun!
    The crafts are all fabulous!

    And the t-shirts...
    love the Esther reference.
    I want one!


  11. um, i wish you were my craft leader when i went to camp. so fun!

  12. So fun!!! I'm going in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited!!

  13. April! I want to go to one of your camps! You girlies do the best projects - different, cool, I just love them. You two are super cute nerdy counselers too!

  14. Let me just say that I am in no way, shape or form a crafty person. But this line-up totally makes me want to dive in head first and craft it up! Such cute ideas! And hello, super fun leaders to boot? So awesome!

  15. Aww i love you to my little saddle bag you! Haha honestly though it was such a fun week, it always is with you! I found a huge spider the other day and thought about calling you to save the day again! I threw a shoe across the room about 5 times before getting it :) miss ya, lets get yogurt soon

  16. HELP! I'm in charge of crafts and I'll admit I'm a craft-lifter. How do yo make the bobbypin flowers? And the felt flowers. Darling ideas. I love the nerd outfits--thanks got Halloween all planned out! (4 months early:)

  17. I found this post today and tried to recreate that felt flower necklace (so cute) to see if it's doable for our girls, but I'm a little unsure. How did you guys do it? joh05011@byui.edu

  18. I have been trying to find a tutorial on anything similar to that felt necklace and come up empty handed...was wondering if you had done a tutorial and I missed it or if you had a link to the idea you got it from? Thanks!

    1. jessica...it was a martha stewart idea i found on pinterest. all they had was a pattern for the flower. we tweaked ours, but never made a tutorial. i hope you find it. you can check my pinterest boards...i'm april kennedy on there, but i'm not sure it is still up.

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