While at Girls Camp.....

While I'm at Girls Camp consider this our Dear Dave + April Post......

I've been singing this song all week. I miss Dave and this song is so us! See you all on Monday. Wi-fi isn't working like they thought it would. We are busy crafting up some of the cutest crafts. Friendship bracelets have been a huge hit as well as the flower felt necklaces we are making. Can't wait to share pictures! Have a great week. I'm trying to stay tick free. Last year at camp I came home with a tick on my boob.

xo, april


  1. Wow ... what a naughty little tick! Yes, let's hope you stay tick-free this go around :)

    Can't wait to see pics! Love camp crafting :)

    xx Cat

  2. Glad you made it to camp safe and sound! Sounds like you're having lots of fun. I love camp. Minus ticks!!! Ewe... I hope that doesn't happen this year.

  3. Have a great time friend! Can't wait to see all the goodies you girlies make....stay away from those ticks! !!!

  4. A little late but - our receptionist swears the way to get ticks out is with "Deep Heat". Kinda like Ben Gay or Icy Hot but better. Needs to be "Deep Heat". Rub a little on the butt of the tick and they back out of the skin immediately and shrivel up. She lives in Magalia and her cats get ticks all the time. She also gets them periodically working outside. Says it works every time!! ;) Have fun...

  5. I got four ticks over this past weekend taking photos in rural Kansas!! Not fun!! Stay away ticks!

  6. pics! Pics! Pics! please!! I have camp in 2 weeks and would love to see yours :)


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