What you might have missed on Twitter this week!

What you might have missed on Twitter this week....worth noting.

One serious....

Blake had his first round of testing for upcoming surgeries. This first test ruled out one surgery needed. YIPPEE! It was a urodynamic test that took about an hour. It closely looked {under constant x-ray} at how his bladder performed while being filled with large amounts of fluid. He held 300 cc....amazing with just some moderate spasms. But...has a very weak bladder neck {the muscle that keeps boys from dripping}. So no bladder enlargement surgery will be needed but something will need to be done to increase the tightness of his bladder neck. Not major surgery though. One down....one more test to go. Up next is a comprehensive MRI of his brain and spine to make sure that he does not have a tethered cord. If that is ruled out....we will proceed with only one surgery....a bowel surgery. Keeping fingers {and hospital banded arms} crossed!

One funny......

I told Blake that I did not want to hear the words 'stupid' or 'dumb' come out of his mouth anymore.
He was using those two words to describe anything and everyone.
 So Blake gets into the car yesterday after school and proceeds to tell me a story.

He starts with.....'These two douchebag boys......'

I tried so hard not to laugh and
Dave and I had an extra good laugh last night when I told him!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Now for a little bit of business.

I will be off at our Church's Girls Camp all next week teaching crafts!
Yay! I know...so fun huh?
I'm pretty sure that we have Internet up there now so I'll try to post a few times
during the week with pictures of the crafts that we will be doing!
And I will be checking my emails.

Shop will stay open while I'm gone next week, but nothing will ship until the following week.
I'll put a reminder up on my shop page.
If you've had your eye on something and don't want to wait two weeks to get it...
you better go grab it now.

Maddie and I have had a busy week shipping out so many pretty lovelies.
Thank you so much!
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  1. From dumb to douche bag...that's funny!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for your babe! And douchebag?! That's hilarious!

  3. Hi April!
    I've visited a few times and haven't left a comment, but HAD to today! :) I was DYING at what your son said, because one of my sons said the same!!! I have 3 boys, so they think its hilarious to talk gross!
    Anyway, love your blog & shop and looking forward to a purchase soon!
    Denissa :)

  4. What wonderful news!!! Hope all the rest of his tests go just as great! I have 2 nephews that are almost 9 and I crack up at the things I hear them say...even when they are inappropriate :o)

  5. april, that is hilarious. the douchebag thing that is.

    and keep us updated on blake! thinking of you guys...

  6. So happy for your son- not about the db thing, but about his surgery. I will continue to pray for him.
    So cool about the camp thing- do you have to come up with a different craft everyday and will you bring your own supplies?
    I am gonna love seeing pictures of that.

  7. Yay for only one surgery! Crossing my fingers for a non-tethered cord...

    Holy cats, I am loving this kid! He is too funny!!

  8. hahahaha! It literally made me laugh out loud that your son said that. Kids. At least he honored your wishes, right? :)


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