What NOT to Wear Wednesday.....

What NOT to WEAR Wednesday.....

{and it doesn't matter that it is sold at Anthropologie}

warning...do not purchase

But if you would like to know what I did pick up at Anthro for what I thought were great prices.....
here's a little peek with a link to their sale that is still going on!

It still is a tad chilly here in the evenings in July and I never have a lightweight long sleeve tee to grab so I was thrilled when I found these for only $19.95. Found here. They run pretty true to size. I bought a Large.

And the middle tee.....whenever I find a cap sleeve tee that isn't a boring t-shirt, I snag it up. This feels like a tank but covers the flabby part of my upper arms! Still available here.

Maybe this next week I'll remember to snap some pictures of myself dressed for the day so I can really participate in the linky party over with the adorable Lind's at The Pleated Poppy!

And...if you've got money burning a hole in your pocket....I'm offering WIWW participants 10% off in my shop every Wednesday because you girls are so fun. Enter Code WIWW10!

And if you missed my Bachelorette re-cap...it's here! I'm trying to squeeze it in on Tuesday evenings in between Dear Dave + April and WIWW because it just wouldn't be the same without it.

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  1. I love that you offer 10% off for wiww. I need to remember that for this summer as I slowly get more of my favorite accessories! I was just at Anthro over the weekend and didn't see these awesome tops! I did see an amazing dress- ruffle top, Mustard yellow bottom- I had to say no to the $79 price tag. ;( Sad.

  2. Haha! I was just at anthro yesterday and saw that awful shirt. I totally said, "Seriously?!" :-) PS I wish I got our anthro shoes when you did, I can't find them anywhere unless they were used yuck!

  3. Sometimes there's a reason things get marked down so low, and that shirt is a perfect example!

  4. there should be a rule about specifically where on the bust a pocket goes. apparently the designer was 1) male, or 2) flat chested!

  5. I am cracking up because I go to a certain place of business everyday for a daily appointment. The girls that work in this office always have fabulous clothes, but today one of the girls was wearing this shirt in a different color. My first thought was, "wow those pockets are a little too emphasized to be placed THERE!" So funny!

  6. oh those pockets! what were they thinking!
    love this post....and your blog!


  7. I've seen so many shirts from Anthro like that, as if designers have forgotten most women DON'T want the eye drawn there!

  8. GREAT point April and it also explains WHY it's $19.95! Love the other pics though, you score the best deals there!


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