Last Day of School + Teacher Gifts = Summer Vacation

I'm always so last minute about teacher gifts. I think about them for weeks. And nothing comes. Then the day before I figure it out and start scrambling.

Here's what we came up with for this year....

A Starbucks gift card, a handmade coffee cozy made by me with a little note "thanks a latte" inspired by this post here by Eighteen25. Switching it up to make it my own.

This coffee cozy was for Blake's teacher. He asked her earlier this week what her favorite color was and she told him Red and Pink!

We also included a jar of my homemade Lemongrass Sugar Scrub for his teacher, and one for his nursing aide. These free tags were found here.  I thought the little tag 'thanks so much for making this year so sweet' was a perfect combo for SUGAR SCRUB!

Kaia has had a favorite teacher for the past two years....Mr. Beck. He is retiring this year. She wanted to give him something as a thank you. She said he loves his coffee.

I came up with a manly version of the coffee cozy using some of this sweet vintage plaid print that my mother-in-law gifted me. Add a brown button and I thought it was perfectly 'manly!'

Kaia is starting high school in August. She has a great group of girlfriends. Today they are signing yearbooks and hanging out one last time as middle schoolers.

She's handing out one of these to each of her girlfriends.....

Guess what we are doing tomorrow morning....our first day of summer break?

Sleeping in! Well at least the kids will. My internal alarm clocks wakes me up at 5:50 every morning.

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  1. Love the coffee cozies! Great idea and gorgeous fabrics. Your daughter & her friends are all so pretty, high school... exciting! Enjoy your summer break. We've still got a full week of school left!

  2. Those are adorable and I love the hair pins...so cute they are going to love it all!

  3. Ok...you are rad. Your kid's teachers must love you!!!

    I got my son's teacher something from Lisa Leonard.

  4. Love the gifts! Now please do a post for Fathers Day gift ideas. Im so sick of all the ads that stores have. They do not help me figure out what to get for a hubby whos really into hobbies(but not golf or electronics. Its very frustrating)
    Your daughter is growing up so fast! Hard to believe.

  5. My youngest graduates from 8th grade tomorrow too! I love those sweet bobby pins!

  6. I'm a teacher and let me tell you - I could make serious $$ selling all of my many coffee mugs! But....the coffee cozy I LOVE!! I made one for myself that I stash in my purse.

    Also - do you have the sugar scrub recipe somewhere posted? That's an awesome idea too!!

  7. Great ideas! Can you share the recipe for your sugar scrub?

  8. Can you share how to make the Coffee Cozy?

  9. Loving the coffee cozy! I got lucky this year and the room mom organized a group gift, not so sure that will happen to me the next 12 years of my daughters schooling career:)

  10. What sweet and thoughtful gifts! I'm sure the teachers were over the moon about them. :)

  11. Love the cozies. Are they in the shop, yet?
    Happy Summer!

  12. I LOVE these ideas! Especially the cozies and coffee! Oh, and the sugar scrub - so sweet! I'd love to make some for Riley's teachers - any tips on where to get the jars? Her last day is the 21st so I have a little time - not too much!

    Oh and her group of friends look adorable, what a fabulous way to say happy Summer! Enjoy!

  13. What awesome gifts! I hope when my kids are in school I can come up with awesome gifts like this for their teachers.

  14. wow, the coffee cozies are a great idea. I have to remember this!

    happy summer holidays!

  15. i love these gifts. you are so darn creative!!!

    happy summer:)
    my internal alarm goes off around 5:30---booo!

  16. Love those teacher gifts --awesome!!! So do you sell this scrub???

  17. I love the coffee cuff you made for your daughter's teacher! Even though more "manly". I just love that fabric.
    PS: I'm catching up on your blog. Can you tell by all the comments? :)

  18. I wish you were one of my parents. I teach 7th grade and would have loved something this thoughtful! Don't get me wrong-my students are sweet and bring me treats but all stuff that makes me fat. ;)
    P.S. Just started reading your blog this week as I am now on summer vacay myself with my 10 month old. I have lots to catch up on but I am loving every one I have read so far.

  19. I love the coffee cozys!! Do you have a pattern or did you just make it up? :)

  20. Awesome idea! Someone needs to collect great ideas like this and give for baby shower gifts, before it's too late!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    personalized gifts

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