Katie + Brett Wedding

I had the pleasure of working with Katie and her family to help her plan her wedding day!
Katie already had some great ideas of how she wanted her day to feel.
It was such an honor and pleasure to work with her on her special day!

Katie's colors were brown, yellow and cream. The venue was on private property in Napa Valley with a vineyard background, a beautiful barn {that my hubby and another contractor built together}, a pool and a green grassy area.  
 We went with a rustic vintage theme. Katie loved the 'K+B' idea and we ran with it. When we would meet to collaborate things like....tree stumps, carved woods, shabby signs, burlap, white milk glass, hobnail, paper luminaries....all came rolling out of our mouths!

We would come up with an idea that she loved and then Katie would go to work....ordering supplies, me making the prototype and then Katie going to town on the projects. She truly had a hand in the handmade parts of her wedding!

The flowers were by Valley Flora here in Napa.
They did an absolute beautiful job. Such creativity and originality.

Katie didn't necessarily want an arbor for her ceremony. I suggested getting some large stumps and have Dave carve the heart with the 'K+B' in it. Well the stumps were actually so hard to find and Katie and I were so worried about the carvings not turning out and messing them up that we both agreed to just use hanging carved wood hearts and they turned out absolutely darling!
All the carved pieces were from Bragging Bags.
The rustic signs and table numbers were from The Back Porch Shoppe.

The bar was gorgeous made out of wine barrels and a large rustic table top!

The beautiful venue in the background and water, lemonade and tea...perfect for the warm afternoon.
Monticello Deli in Napa {the bride's family deli} did all the catering. So classy, so creative and so delicious! 

A glimpse of the head table and gorgeous table setting. A rustic wood charger grounded each place setting on the delicate sheer table linen with yellow flower and leafs sewn randomly on.
Table linens from La Tavola in Napa.

Valley Flora made 65 random arrangements and we placed 3-4 to a table.

We used the fence at the entrance of the ceremony/reception area to hang mini shipping labels distressed with brown ink and hung with mini clothespins to help guests find their table assignments.
I didn't get a picture of it before guests had already found their tags.

Katie's girlfriend made her this special banner for the reception and I knew the perfect place to hang it.
At the entrance of the big brown barn!

Katie's cake was made by Sweetie Pies in Napa and we carried the tree stump theme onto the cake table as the cake stand!

And even had mini tree stumps randomly placed on the tables to highlight a pretty little bouquet of flowers or a burlap wrapped votive.

Katie + Brett gave each guest their very own mason jar mug as a gift tied up pretty with a yellow/white paper straw and love note! You can see it in the bottom left corner in the picture above.

More beautiful flowers. Katie and I both agreed early on that Billy Balls would be an absolute must in the bouquets and boutonnieres. They are the round dried yellow flower balls.

The bride's bouquet tied with sweet vintage white ribbon and her own mini carved heart. Actually all the bridesmaids' bouquets had a carved heart hanging from them.

A close-up of the lovely table linen and the pretty hobnail vase and flower arrangement.

I giggled with excitement when I opened the corsage boxes to see each corsage had a pretty pearl bracelet instead of white elastic! Love Valley Flora!!

I was so excited that Kaite wanted a candy bar. I knew it would go perfectly with her vintage rustic theme. Katie found the apple baskets at Pottery Barn and we had her grandma sew little fabric favor bags for guests to fill up candy with. Those lemon chocolate covered almonds in the glass jar were TO DIE FOR. Limoncello covered almonds to be exact. Katie chose all candy that matched her brown/yellow/cream color theme! Lemon drops, root beer hard candies, banana and chocolate taffy and chocolate and limoncello covered almonds. YUM!

The sweet fabric bags that grandma made! Picking out fabrics was so much fun too.

A snap shot of the bride + groom. Oh I love that girl so much.
I'm going to miss meeting with her each month!

The head table was just in front of the barn, next to the pool. The setting was gorgeous....as was the bridal party.

If you look closely at the left side of the picture...it is the bride's father watching over his two daughters give each a hug after the toast.

I had to snap a few pictures of the bouquets with the carved hearts all together.

The bridesmaids all wore a cream Funky Vintage Lovely rose on a delicate antique bronze ring base!
It was so fun to snap this picture. It was one I have been dreaming of for some time now!

And the girls all wore cowboy boots too!
True to Katie's style.

The best man surprised Katie + Brett with this darling bicycle getaway complete with yellow and white balloons.

It was so fun to capture their escape on camera since the photographers had already left by then.

I've booked two more weddings just from this one and I have to say I'm just so excited to be a part of the creative process of a bride and groom's special day!

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  1. What a fun, beautiful wedding! Love all the touches. :D

  2. What a beautiful wedding. I love all the personal touches. Simply elegant and amazing.

  3. Seriously April, is there anything that you can't/don't/won't do? AMAZING! I love - love - love the colors, the little details, everything. Pretty much my dream wedding (that is, of course - if I didn't have one of my own 10 years ago.) LOVE IT!

  4. WOW! Incredibly amazing. you have such talent and eye for details. I'm super anxious to see what you do for the next two. congrats on pulling off such a gorgeous event for the sweet bride and groom!

  5. Holy cow, April. That is one gorgeous wedding. I just love all the details. Sigh.
    Seeing modern weddings makes me want to marry my man all over again. I wish weddings were this creative back when I tied the knot!

  6. Look at what an amazing job you did with this! Awesome! I love the tags hung with the clips. And I love the candy bar colors. The flowers are GORGEOUS! You are so stinkin' talented, Missy! Whew!

  7. Awesome! Love the cowboy boots!!! So many great ideas...and beautiful weather!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding! I loved everything....and the rustic details...superb! Beautiful job!

  9. So cute! Love that they all wore cowgirl boots!

  10. April that is GORGEOUS!!!! Love everything you did!!!!

  11. Good to know about this wedding and it seems to be an amazing one. Last month, I arranged my sister’s ring ceremony by booking one of the lovely Chicago event venues. Decorated the venue in a grand fashion and had great time.


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