I've got nothing today....but a laugh and busy schedule!

{found this on the internet, can't remember where...sorry, but thought it was funny...
reminded me of this
one! love that we can laugh about ourselves as bloggers!}

I've got nothing today except.....

bill paying
jewelry making
girls camp craft planning
teacher gift making
office organizing
package mailing
dinner making
birthday cake buying.

What are you doing today?
P.S. You were all so kind with the birthday wishes and that you'd never guess I was turning 40!
It's my oily skin. It helps with the 'no wrinkles.'
But makes me super shiny in every picture.
Thank you.

And....the Alameda Antique Fair was cancelled due to rain...total bummer.
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  1. oh my goodness....that is so awesome! love it! And, happy belated bday!!! There is no way you are 40!?!?!?! wow...you look great!!

  2. Happy Belated April! You look amazing....hope you had a fabulous day. Sounds like a busy week for you! Can't wait to hear the goods on the Girl's Craft Camp!

  3. It sounds like a cake walk to me...heehee ;) Happy busy day!!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    I worked all day... boo.. but now my butt is attached to the couch ...YAY!


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