Happy Daddy Day!

We couldn't ask for a more supportive, loving, fiercely loyal man to call Dad in our home. My kids are lucky and I am lucky. Wish we could take you to your favorite place today on YOUR day....the beach. Instead I think what we have planned sounds pretty fantastic. Blake sang to you in church, we will spend the afternoon with both our dads and I promise to give you a hand and foot massage.

Dave and I are both so fortunate to have loving fathers also. Today I greeted my dad with a kiss and a hug. We still kiss on the lips...my dad and I. Just a tight lip pucker that's sweet. I love that we never let a kiss get awkward when I was younger. I'm trying to raise Kaia and Dave with the same special father/daughter relationship. So many times as young women we push our fathers away a bit....when really they are still wanting to be so much a part of our lives. I remember one time when I was going through a little break up with a boy. My mom and I were talking in my bedroom. My dad tried coming in to listen, chat and comfort and we kicked him right out. I still feel bad about that. I have the most gentlest dad. So tender....so amazing.

Dave feels the same way about his dad but they don't kiss on the lips! Dave has fond memories of his dad playing soccer with them as kids in their backyard. He never said no. In fact, one time he had played so much soccer with them that he hurt his ankle and had to use a cane. Oh the price of fatherhood! 

So to all the special men in my life....Happy Father's Day!
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  1. I love the memories you shared. My dad are the same way and I greeted him with a big and smooch, my grandpas too. I am 35 and know I can still sit on my dad's lap. I'm glad you a beautiful day.

  2. I hope Dave had a good one! Love that photo!


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