Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

First off.....thank you so much for all your love and comments this past week. Dave is still checking comments and each time there is a new one he yells the new number! I'm sure he will thank you personally...but he is already in bed for the evening as I write this and have it be known that it is never good to wake up Dave once he falls asleep. It takes him a good 20 minutes to get out of his own GROUCHY way.

With that said....I'm at the end of my three days of crazy. I know you all probably don't want to know my menstrual cycle...or my middle of the month crazy cycle....but it tests our marriage right now. Partly because Dave thinks I'm reverting to my old ways. I'm short, I'm irrational, he can't do anything right, he's always wrong and I raise my voice a lot those three days. Gosh...thank goodness it's just three days HUH?! But we come out of it and pick right back up on our marital bliss before the three days began. What's that herbal stuff I can take? I'm ready for it!

But for our Dave + April series this week....we wanted to share a post written over at The Idea Room by Heather Johnson. Dave and I are THAT couple that can go out to dinner and actually talk the whole way through it. We sometimes spend quite a bit of time talking about the couples sitting all around us with nothing to say to each other. We talk about how lucky we are to still be such good friends with good conversation. I loved reading this post though by Heather Johnson with topics to get the conversation going when out on a date with your spouse. And...it totally ties in with Dave's challenge last week....Learn something new about your spouse! I'm going to try asking some of those questions the next time Dave + I are out on a date....although I'm pretty sure I know most of the answers....those are the exact things we talk about on our dates. We dream, we reminisce about our past, but have never talked about annoying Hollywood stars! Ha.

So to you Dave....here are a few new things...that really aren't quite that important in the big scheme of things....but still might be new little facts that you don't know about me right this minute. I love the color navy blue right now...especially paired with turquoise or kelly green. I'm desperately wanting the month of July off from life/work/housewife duties. Even when I talk about other people owning larger properties....I am truly content with our 1300 square foot home that we built together but I do constantly think of little things to do to re-decorate it. I'm scared to death about Blake's MRI in two weeks. And more scared that our baby turns 9 years old on Saturday. And lastly....one of the most important things on my to-do list is to go bicycle shopping for Blake tomorrow so we don't find ourselves without the one gift that his little heart has been set on for some time now. Thanks for trying so hard to be wonderful to me this past week! I always recognize your effort.

Love, me

P.S. I squeezed in my Bachelorette re-cap post before this one....if you missed it!

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  1. NEW NUMBER!!! -That's for you Dave... Had to shout it for you as well. P.S. I totally understand that "don't-wake-me-from-my-slumber-or-i'm-REALLY-grumpy" thing. MEEEEE DOS buddy! MEEEEE Dos!

    April- Wouldn't it be AMAZING if there was one month a year that all of us ladies could take off? Just do what we want to do. Get all of our projects done, lay around, long baths, read books, watch all the girly movies and shows that our hubs complain when we watch? (atleast mine does anyway... "NO MORE HOUSEWIVES!!") O that would be the life! I say we start a petition toget it done girl!

  2. Honest, candid and hopeful as always. I love that you ended it with you recognize his effort.

    Happy Bday to Mr Blake and sounds like he's earned one sweet bike (navy blue and kelly green perhaps?)

  3. I am late in commenting...late in reading. But I do love these love letters. By all means, never wake a sleeping husband...after the 20 minute groggy is over only one thing puts them back to bed! :)

    I am realizing I need date night more often...or even ever. We have no family around and it costs so much money to go out AND pay a sitter we just never do it(plus I think I get all jacked up over the fact that I ALWAYS have to plan it)...but I see now that I need to!

    Thanks again sweet April and Dave. I love that you keep plugging ahead, even when things aren't always stellar!

    Much love--


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