A Day in the Life....Spina Bifida Style

{Blake at Cub Scouts launching a bottle rocket!}

This morning we had to measure the output of Blake's first morning pee. We will be at Shriner's Hospital all day tomorrow doing some big Urodynamic testing to 'get to know' his bladder again. Scratch that....I will be at Shriner's with Blake. Dave's still working 24/7....huge bummer. The doctors want to have some idea what his bladder capacity is before starting the tests. These tests will let us know quite a few things....but the biggest question right now is whether Blake will need bladder enlargement surgery in the next few months.

We talked about measuring Blake's urine and what we would use. I casually thought that I would just grab a measuring cup from the kitchen. How else would I measure it? The family freaked out. I said I would sterilize it. No problem.

Until this morning, when we cathed Blake into MY KITCHEN measuring cup. I was completely grossed out and WILL be buying a new measuring cup today for my kitchen!

Wondering what it measured....a 1/2 cup. We're giving it another go first thing tomorrow morning for good measure! ha

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  1. Oh man, this is all so familiar. The Urodynamics, the cathing into cups, the other children being grossed out. It's like you wrote a page out of my life ;)

    Good luck with everything today!

  2. 1/2 cup? sounds awfully low for first morning output. I don't know anything about these test, has little Blakie been havig issues or is this routine for his age and size? Good luck sweetie...

  3. Good luck with everything. I admire your candidness and your positive attitude.

  4. April, I hope all goes well at Shriner's tomorrow. I agree with The Miller Five, your candidness and positive attitude are amazing! You inspire me in many ways.

  5. You have such a positive outlook, it is so refreshing even when you're in tough situation. What a true inspiration. I pray all goes well for Blake.

  6. April, I love that you can make light of these situations! I'm also glad to hear that you'll be purchasing a new measuring cup. HAHA! Good luck tomorrow. Hope you get the news you want.

  7. oh man...i had to take a pg test a couple of months ago (after our last ivf) and don't like peeing on the sticks so i use a disposable dixie cup and just dip the stick...WELL that morning i got up and REALLY had to go and realized i didn't have a dixie cup handy. so i grabbed the GLASS that i used for water to take my daily medications that was on my bathroom counter and used it to pee in...needless to say, i threw that glass away! hubby saw it in the trash and asked why i was throwing it out. i said "there are some things you just DON'T want to know!"

    love and hugs to you guys and good luck tomorrow!!! xoxo libby

  8. April, you have the most amazing attitude! You know, your birthday is coming up...I think it's more than appropriate to ask for a new set of shiny measuring cups...:-) Thinking of you and Blake tomorrow! In my prayers ~ Lauren

  9. I pray that everything goes well for your son and God blesses your family with comfort and peace during these times.

  10. LOL.... a day in the life of SB for SURE!! And while you are at SHriners... ask for a toilet hat! it will meansure for you :) then you can washed it real good and throw it under the sink for next time too :)

    1/2 Cup is very low, but don't forget, if he is leaking all night long becasue of a weak bladder neck muscle he COULD hold more but the miscel won't let him... and bladder necks are so much easier to fix :)

    Praying for you guys :)

  11. this is crazy! did you find out just recently?

    prayers are being said, and God is listening. and God is Good!!

  12. Good luck friend!

    We just recently finished up all our VCUG and fun tests like that and now waiting for the results. Always an adventure with these sweet kids!

    Keep us posted!

  13. Hugs to you, doll. Life with specials is a different life, but it's a *great* life. Loved the Cub Scouts pic.


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