Bachelorette Re-Cap

I had two weeks to catch up on. I did not do a running commentary....but here are my thoughts:

Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley...barf.

Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley....blah blah blah blah blah....
BORING boring boring boring boring.
Seriously, I fell asleep twice trying to get through the episodes.

Really Chris Harrison....you don't know what to do next to handle her sick Bentley obsession.
If you are even considering giving that douche bag a free trip to Hong Kong
to settle what you already know is the score
I will barf again.

I'm only still watching because of JP....yippee!
And I love the Ashley thinks he his HOT.
I think the end might be JP and Ben F.
I don't read spoilers...so don't tell me if I'm wrong.

Hey Ding Dong...aka William, a 30 year old boy is not appealing to most women.
We want someone to take care of us...not still needs to be taken care of.
Interesting too...Ashley was dressed like a woman and William was dressed like a boy.
And it will be interesting to see the outtakes at the Men Tell All of Ben C. talking about online dating.
I hope they show it. He sure didn't defend himself very well which makes me think that he knows something is on tape. Ding Dong looked and sounded so desperate with the sabotage.
Came back and bit him in the butt. I laughed out loud.

Ryan, your perma-smile does make you seem insincere.
And poor Ames. His bell was rung.
Somethings not quite right still....besides his eyes being very far apart.

I fell asleep again at the rose ceremony...but just checked and actually Ryan lost his perma-smile
and is cuter without it. Then darn...he gets the rose and gets cheesy again.

Looks like Hong Kong and Bentley will mess with everyones mind
and now I'm thinking Ashley will end up alone.
Please make JP the next Bachelor if that is the case!

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  1. ditto it all!

    She will have so much regret when she sees it all played back to her.

  2. I so agree...she is totally boring!

  3. Exactly -- show her the videos!!! What kind of cruel torture is this????

  4. wow! we are definitely feeling the same way about this season...but ditto on JP! love him!!!

  5. I'm so not into this season...can't wait till it's over. She's just....boring and the guys are a bunch of dweebs! (Then again, I am clearly a dweeb....because I just used that word. Am I dating myself? Hello....1989!)

  6. A-Men! (to everything you just said!)

  7. Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of Ashley. She's a little whiny and definitely boring.

    As for Bentley...gag!


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