April Kennedy's 2nd Annual Craft Camp for Girls!

Here are the details!
eek...it's next week!!

It's going to be a busy summer for the Kennedy family, but my summer wouldn't be complete without craft camp and spending a fun week with sweet girls. So I'm squeezing it in....next week! Lots of fun ideas spinning around in my head and coming to life. Here's how it works.....

A cute new craft every day. Held in my home. Lots of fun, laughter, new friends and impromptu dance parties to be had. If you live in the Napa area and are interested in sending your daughter to Craft Camp email me at davenapril@aol.com to register your daughter. Please include daughter's name, age, home/cell phone number, and if she has a friend that will be attending as a camper also. Space is limited. Grab a spot before it's gone!

The only item your daughter will need to bring to camp is a new {washed and dried...no fabric softener} plain white t-shirt or tank! Younger girls should bring a scoop neck. Older girls...a men's V-neck or scoop work best.

Can't wait for Craft Camp Week!

P.S. If you are local, would you please help spread the word on Facebook,Twitter, your blog, texting, word of mouth, etc. Thank you!

{original craft camp idea from Dandee....love her! I added a second age group!!}

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  1. I SO wish I lived closer, my girlie would love this! Alas, I will have to admire from New Hampshire. Can't wait to see what you girlies create!

  2. April, this is a fabulous idea! Love it! Your so creative.
    Can't wait to see how it turns out.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Shelly xo

  3. If only we lived closer, or were visiting my Aunt & Uncle next week! My daughter would LOVE this!

  4. April, what about one for girls 30+? I loved shopping at your house for all my end of the year teacher gifts!
    And Piper Jane Rose was born Saturday (a week overdue) I'll send you an email with picture. :) love the craft camp idea....give my girls a few years and they'll be there!

  5. that is such an awesome idea.....I love that.....you are the awesomest! and such a sassy camp counselor

  6. So cute!! I wish there was something like this in my area when I was a kid! Good luck :)

  7. I so wish we lived closer... .Audrey would LOVE this!!

    Have fun, and I can't wait to see your photos so I can steal your ideas for projects with Audrey this summer ;)


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