Winner of the Keep Calm & Carry On Necklace in Grass Green is.....

Commenter #52....Mel @ The Larson Lingo!

and the runner up is......

Commenter #17......Sy and Shaunna!

Congrats ladies.
Email me at davenapril(at)aol(dot)com.

And speaking of chicken dinners, I guess I should let you in on a little secret.
With all the busy-ness this week that was starting to put me into panic mode, I did a little prioritizing.

I knew I wanted to take care of my husband first. Personal and business.
Which means a few hours each day spent in the home construction office,
even though I would rather be sewing or crafting.

Next I wanted my children taken care of also.
Clean fresh clothes, lunches made and good breakfasts.

Here is where I always panic.
Dinner time.

I knew that this week the evenings would be crazy trying to get last minutes details together for the Queen Bee Market. At 7:00 am this morning I had a light bulb go off in my head.
I knew I had no time to grocery shop.
I knew I wouldn't make dinner.
I knew we would end up eating out the next three nights
but not have time to eat out and then it would stress us out.

So.....I hired a personal chef for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night dinners.
She is a friend of mine with exceptional cooking skills.
I called her with an offer and she accepted it!
The offer wasn't for any more money than we would have spent eating out so I felt it was a justified expense. I told her we would eat what her family was eating and it could be simple.

Dinner was delivered around 4:30 today and it was delicious. DELICIOUS.
My whole family ate it! Grilled chicken and tons of grilled veggies. Perfectly arranged.

I'll treat you on Thursday to pictures and maybe even a recipe for the to.die.for garlic bread we had tonight!

I wish I was made of money. I could really get used to this personal chef thing.
Stephanie....how much for a whole week?!

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  1. Awwww... I am so glad you guys liked it!!! thanks for the compliments and sweet post. Can't wait to drop off more tomorrow.

    p.s. shrimp is on the menu... please let me know if you don't like it, so I can plan for something else. I know Dave doesn't like salmon, but couldn't remember about other sea food.

  2. Congrats to the winner, so lucky!

    Personal Chef sounds FANTASTIC! Yum!!!

  3. April, can i just say you are absolutely brilliant? That was the smartest thing I have ever heard!! Best of luck with all the prep for Queen Bee Market- I hope it's a smashing success!

  4. oh....I want a Stephanie!!!!


  5. Congrats to the winners(esp Mel...love her!) And how lucky for you to have a chef:)
    I love cooking but its track & field season which means hubbys schedule is all over the place so the girls and I are on our own many nights.

  6. Such a great idea! I so wish I could hire a personal chef, even just for 2 nights a week. What a nice change that would be! Hope you enjoy your meals!!
    So excited for QBM!

  7. I can't believe I missed this post!!!! SO happy I won!!!! Yeah!!!


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