To Market To Market...Queen Bee Market Spring 2011

Funky Vintage Lovely QBM Booth!

The Queen Bee Market was off the charts. Mique and Jess did an amazing job gathering fabulous vendors and a great group of customers!  I was so happy with how my booth came together. Last QBM I set it all up in my house. This time I didn't and I was a little freaked out about how I was going to display it all. Never again will I go off the cuff. It took the whole 4 hours of set up for me to get my booth together. Dave and I had set a goal of 2 hours. Ooops.

I could have never accomplished this without Dave. I love him and appreciate all his hard work that he does on my behalf for FVL....even though he hates the 'lovely'. Well only hates having to say it.

The colorful open heirloom frames almost sold out! The green one is the only one left and will be at my local market this coming weekend. Pillows were a hit and will be replenished next week for online sales. Those bird ones are to.die.for. I think I have found my new drapery for my family/living/dining room!

I came to QBM with a few new products.

The burlap fork and spoon art were a hit. I have one left and hoping to make more this next week also. And Dave and my dad worked hard to make a few more of those upcycled chalkboards. Two sold at the market!

I introduced three new aprons also at the market and they are gone.
Don't worry....I have more material ordered!

This blue/green/pink was a favorite of mine. I made them the morning I didn't go to sleep right before we were heading out. Redstar Ink bought one!!

Two more new items coming to the shop next week, but no close up pics were taken...sorry.....are purse hook holders and blooming book marks!

More QBM to come tomorrow with a special edition of What I Wore Wednesday with Becki from Whippy Cake trying to teach me to 'break it down' during a photo shoot!!
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  1. April, Your booth is Gorgeous! I love all your stuff! And even though your husband doesn't like to say it- it's all LOVELY!

  2. MUST HAVE the owl apron! Love.

  3. your booth looks so lovely!! so great!!

  4. I love it! So much color! And I adore the empty frames with pictures hanging from clothes pins. I have tiny clothes pins I'm trying to decide what to do with.

    We go to a little tiny market this Saturday in Eastern Oregon. Stay tuned for pictures.


  5. april, your booth was amazing! so much effort into making it look effortless.

  6. Your booth looks so gorgeous. I love all your beautiful things, especially those awesome aprons. I'm glad you did well at the market.

  7. it looks/ed wonderful! so glad you had a good time

  8. wonderful Love aprons especially the bird one!
    Im following

  9. My hubbie ordered a necklace from your online shop as a Mother's Day gift. I LOVE it. :) Thank you.

  10. your booth is gorgeous! I wish they had something like that in my area (although I might go broke!)

    Love the open frames, I think I need to figure out how to incorporate that in my decor (which shouldn't be hard since I am starting from scratch)

  11. I absolutely LOVE your booth! It turned out so cute!

  12. The booth was AMAZING! I wish I had half of the creativity running through my veins that you have. Even 1/4 would be good. I can't wait to wear my Keep Calm & Carry On necklace.

  13. The booth looks great! I love to look at how other people set up their spaces. Yours is so inviting and colorful with a funky, vintage twist ;) Glad the market was a success!

  14. Really cute photos in the darling frames! ;)

  15. Gasp, oooohhhh, ahhhhhh!

    Your booth turned out amazing!!!! LOVE!

    xx Cat brideblu

  16. Breathtaking! You did an awesome job. That would have taken me WAY LONGER than 4 hours to set up.

  17. Your booth decoration is soooo pretty!!I totally looove your stuff!!Just found your blog-it's lovelyyy!!I'll follow you immediately!!

    Kisseeeees :-))

  18. everything looks so very lovely! i love the doors as a wall!

    the open frames are my fave!

  19. thanks for the frame idea. i linked your blog here! http://www.thelettereblog.com/2012/02/13/string-frame-wall-art/

  20. Love these frames. Your beautiful colors and photos make them really pop. I am including them in a round up of photo display ideas tomorrow at www.lovelyetc.com (With link). Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. I must say - even as a man - I absolutely love the frames. I showed it to my wife and she fell in love, too, so we're planning on getting some frames, wire and small pegs to make them on our own.

    I hope it is ok that I also put this on my DIY home deco page at keeeb where I saved some of my favourite home decorations with instructions on how to make them. I would love everybody to have a look, maybe there is something that you like, too:


  22. So wish I lived closer! Lovely booth! Happy to have found you.
    Newest follower (found this post on Pinterest),
    Dori @ belljarvintage.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Dori!! Welcome to FVL. :)

  23. Adorable booth! I'm visiting through pinterest, I'm having my first craft fair booth this weekend, and I'm looking for display ideas. I love the look of yours! New follower!

    Shelly at minettesmaze.blogspot.com


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