This + That Friday!


Remember this little secret from Wednesday that I said I had? Something exciting?
Well it happened last night and it was exciting!

There is a local book club here in Napa that meets regularly. Instead of reading a book this past month they decided to list their top 5 favorite blogs and get together to share and discuss what they love about them. Well I was on their list! And, one of the book club members contacted me and asked if I would be a surprise guest speaker.

I surprised the group last night and they welcomed me in with cheers and clapping and it instantly made my nerves disappear and excitement fill the air.

This group was welcoming and kind and inspiring as we talked about the whys, how-to's, challenges and rewards of blogging. It was so much fun to get to know a new group of ladies and the connection was quick and easy....we all read a lot of the same blogs!

So to Tami,  Carolyn, Lauren, Sonia, Tracy, Hope and Alison....thank you so much for a memorable night.
I joked when I walked in that it was my first celebrity appearance....but you girls made me feel like a million bucks and like we talked about....being validated is always encouraging and nice!


Just saw this post and it made me cry. It was also a surprise...to me! And, the girls were so kind with their words! Thank you SNAP! girls. I've bought my ticket. Have you?!


That tutorial I said was coming....it's postponed until tomorrow. I've been busy getting my kiddos packed for a camping trip with my parents this weekend. Kaia left last night with my dad to go up early and get set up and Blake leaves today at 2:00pm. YIPPEE.....I mean...so SAD. Dave and I will be all alone ALL weekend long and the kids won't come home until Monday afternoon.

 Everyone keeps saying we should go somewhere....but I'm kind of thinking home alone for the whole weekend sounds wonderful! See you back here tomorrow.
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  1. How fun that you got to surprise the book club! You are totally a celebrity ;)

    And I'm super jealous about the weekend-to-yourselves! I know what a rarity it is so I know how special it is. I think staying at home sounds wonderful! Have fun...and while you're at it, take the weekend off from blogging ;) You deserve it!

  2. Enjoy your weekend. Just came over from snap, and I'm your newest follower :)

  3. I'm so with you on the stay at home thing! Get things done, or not at your leisure. Sleep in, eat out. Wonderful!
    And you deserve all the kudos you are receiving. You are gracious, warm and kind- bask in well deserved praise.

  4. Congrats April - I just love you! What a wonderful way to celebrate your talents!!!

  5. How incredibly awesome!!!! You deserve both!!! You are awesome! (and i feel 15 saying "awesome" so much!")

  6. Too funny, our oldes is out of town for the weekend and Ryan is spending somewhere tonight. So we are alone as well. Plus, it's our anniversary. Rarrrrrrr!

  7. Very Cool! Enjoy your kid free weekend!

  8. How fun is that!! I have loved your shop for a while now, but just found your blog through SNAP. I cannot wait to keep reading :)

  9. April, thanks so much for the shout out! We absolutely love you and are so excited to meet up again...I will see you in August when I come to San Diego for sure!


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