Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!
Hello busy little business.
Hello dear friends that is making this business busy.
Thank you!

Hello and thank you, Lisa Leonard, for putting Hello Monday in my head.
I say it all day Monday.

Hello Spring Queen Bee Market....

I'm getting ready for it.
I'm so excited to be a part of it again!
It is this weekend.

And...I'm almost out of chains for my necklaces.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed {while trying to sew...kind of hard to do}
 that my supplier comes through for me.

In the meantime....a little business.
But....pleasure before business. Right?

We had a wonderful weekend.
The sun shone brightly and warmed my skin.
Which makes me a happy person.

Our family cheered Dave and our friend, Joe, on in the Napa Valley Sprint Triathlon this weekend.
They both finished beating the goal they had set for themselves.
{pictures to come randomly at a later date}

Dave finished in 1 hour and 30 minutes.
I was so proud and happy for him.

Now back to some important business.....
My shop will close Wednesday evening for a few days while I'm at Queen Bee Market.
I will re-open on Monday after I have time to take inventory and recover from our road trip.

I will take pictures of my booth and post them while I am gone!

If you are wanting something for Mother's Day,
today is the last day that you have a chance of receiving it before Sunday regular mail.
But no guarantees unless you upgrade to priority shipping.
Tuesday will be my last shipping day until I return home.

I just made available this new little lovely.....

It also comes packaged pretty ready for gift giving
...but only 3 are available until I get back from the market.

And, by the way, there are only 3 more left in the turquoise too until after the market.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are welcoming Monday with a smile.
I'll be back later today to announce the winner of the birthday presents!!

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  1. Ugh, I LOVE that green but if I keep spending all my money I wont have anything left for BlogSugar:) Its still on my wishlist though.
    Have a wonderful week getting ready for the big day!

  2. Yes indeedy....Monday. Looks like you are off to a busy week girl! Can't wait to feature Funky Vintage Lovely and all your loveliness over on my blog!


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