Free Blooming Bobby Friday plus a little of This + That Friday!

tonight and have a give away going on over there!

Free Blooming Bobby Friday!

The shop is stocked full with Blooming Bookmarks, Lovely Purse Hangers and new Blooming Studs in all kinds of colors and style choices! And, as a little thank you I'm offering a free Blooming Bobby with every $30 order {before shipping} through Sunday evening! I'll pick a pretty bobby just for you and add it to your package as a fun little surprise. Who doesn't like surprises?!

For those of you waiting for pillows,  Blossom Rings, the new Grey Keep Calm + Carry On Necklace combos, and Bright + Cheery Magnetic Chalkboard/Recipe Holders....just be patient a few more hours/days, I'm working on those today. And....wait for the fun announcement about one of the new Grey Keep Calm Necklace combos on Monday...it's exciting! So many fun things going on with FVL.

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this + that.....
My Starbucks finally ran out of salt. It was a sad day yesterday. A Salted Caramel Hot chocolate with no salt on top just feels unfinished. So I bought salted chocolate caramel candies instead from Anette's Chocolate Store. It did the trick...but I ate all five in one sitting.

I've gained back 2 pounds....probably from the salt!

Blake has had a tummy ache for a whole week saying he feels like he is going to throw up. Nice. I find myself leaving the toilet seat up just in case but really I think his tummy is full of something else and I've done everything in my power to get it out. EVERYTHING. The glamorous life of Spina Bifida.

Kaia mowed the lawn yesterday and I only had to ask once. Hallelujah. I keep trying to give her big hugs and kisses and she is starting to pull away from me. Oh the teenager years.

The POD is still sitting empty in our driveway. We have not had a free weekend since it was delivered. Dave has to work all weekend but I'm hoping to get started cleaning out the garage this evening.

Our Marriage + Family class at church is over which means I have to go back to teaching the Gospel Doctrine Class. I'm nervous again. Like it's my first time all over. I hope I don't feel like I'm going to pass out again from nerves. That was embarrassing. At least we are on New Testament this year.

Kaia has a volleyball tournament all day Saturday. I love watching her play. She is aggressive and not afraid to dive for that ball.....on a gym floor.

So excited about The Hunger Games movie talk. I can't wait!! Have you read that series yet? So good.

I think that's it for this Friday This + That. Now don't forget about that Free Blooming Bobby Friday offer. I wear a bobby to pull up my bangs almost every evening.

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  1. Free bloom vs waiting for my necklace in a possible combo pack??? Decisions decisions!!!

    I HATE THAT part of SB.... hugs to you my friend!!!!

    Does Kaia hire out??? ANd you only had to ask once??? I am SO JEALOUS!!!

    Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

  2. Coming by from tt&j, love your shop!

  3. Oh how I LOVE the salted caramel hot chocolate! Yum!!!

  4. just found out about ur shop from tt&j and im hooked lol! your stuff is so awesome

  5. dropping by to say i love your work!! saw you on tt&j!

  6. Saw you on tt&j I love your stuff, a lot:)

  7. Hi there- I am your newest follower via Jen's blog from TT&J your etsy shop is precious, I adore the green Keep Calm... necklace and the cute flower rings... drooling. I also liked you on FB! Have a super night.


  8. I saw you on TT&J and am now a follower of yours on Facebook. I LOVE the Keep Calm and Carry On Charm Necklace in Turquoise. It is fabulous!

  9. Love the adorable stuff you make in your shop! Visiting from Tatertots and Jellos!

  10. Hi! I just found you over at TT&J and L-O-V-E your shop!! So many fun things in there I can't believe it!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Found you thru Tatertots and Jello....love your blog and all your beautiful creations!

  12. Just found out about you on tatertots and jello! Love your stuff and thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway over at tt&j. Your jewelry is just adorable. Keeping my fingers crossed for the necklace.
    Thanks again,

  14. So excited to be your newest follower and thankful to jen at TT&J for the introduction!

  15. New follower here! Love your blog!
    Thanks for all of the great ideas

  16. Hello April, I'm coming from TT&J hop - nice to meet you! Your blog is so cute and I'm going to explore your etsy store. Love your chevron pillow - keeping an eye out for decor things...I'm totally re-doing our house, plus blog on kids decor, too. See you! Nan

  17. So happy I found you in TT&J. Can't wait to do a little shopping!

  18. Dropping in from T&J - I love the spring blossom rings!! So beautiful :)

  19. thanks for having this giveaway! you have such cute things in your shop!

  20. I love the rings! I want one cause they are so cute!

  21. Loving everything in your shop! So pretty!


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