Dear Dave + April.....A Tuesday Series.

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Well would I shock you if I told you that today's edition of 'Dear Dave + April' came this close....imagine fingers so close together they are almost touching, to causing a full blown fight? We have been trying so hard to stay neutral and kind to each other under extreme exhaustion. Dave's been working, for the last two weeks, and I am not exaggerating at all, from 5:30 am until 9:30 pm almost every day. Even through the weekend. When I asked him if he wrote me a letter he told me he had thought all one day about the letter he wanted to write but couldn't remember now.....so he had nothing. Then I started to stress because we wouldn't have a post and then knew immediately that THAT wasn't worth fighting about!

I will show you a little picture of what I tackled today (Monday), with the help of a friend, to try and help ease some of Dave's stress. THE GARAGE. It is his nightmare. It is my dumping place. I've always claimed that we were both equally responsible for the goods in there....but today it was proven that he was right and I'll admit that 55% of the stuff is mine. Just over half. OK.....more like 75%. Darned that Stephanie when she exclaimed....your pile is the BIGGEST.

Maybe each Tuesday I'll give you a little picture of the updates happening in the garage. Our goal....to empty everything out of the garage and only put back in what we use and need. We hope to have a teen playroom out here complete with couch, TV and all the video games. It's going to be a lot of work. I did suggest to Dave though that for the next six weeks instead of Dear Dave + April, we could do The Bachelorette commentating together. He sits with me and his comments are, for the most part, inappropriate...in a funny way. You'd probably love it.

But back to the garage. Today we emptied about half. There were four piles made. Garbage, donate, FVL and straight into POD pile that needs to go back into garage at some point. A FVL table was kept in the garage and until this little studio is completed in our backyard.....

.....will stay there. I'm thinking the POD will stay in our driveway too for another two months. The neighbors are going to LOVE us! I hope my husband will love me for all my hard work today. He did say when he came home....'Know what's sexier than a woman in heels? A hard working woman!'

Now I'm off to bed to go show that man of mine how much I appreciate how hard working of a man he is for our family. *wink wink*  Although I can hear him lightly snoring already.

And that is how we roll sometimes.

P.S. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. I think this is 42?! Thanks for being wonderful examples of  'happily married'! One year I forgot their anniversay....OK maybe more than one year, but one year my dad called me in Delaware and was being really wierd on the phone. He was telling me how much he loved mom and how happy he was he married her. And how some days he just needs to tell her that he loves her with flowers and dinner and a card. Then the lightbulb went off and I said...'Oh Happy Anniversary?!'

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  1. April - I love how candid and funny your posts are. So, you mean you two could possibly fight at some point? It isn't all bliss? Ok, GOOD! Now I feel a little normal-er (but you're still skinnier - darn girl!)

  2. At first I was going to say wow. But then I remembered...y'all don't have basements, right? I think I could trump that pile any day. Sadly.

    And thanks for being candid. It makes me breathe easier :)

  3. Love it! But I do miss the Dave and April letters...so clean that garage quickly so we can get back to my counseling sessions! :) please.

    have a super day!

  4. the backyard FVL shed is looking AWESOME!

  5. You manage to make me giggle every time I read a new post from you!! The little studio is absolutely adorable! Coming along great!

    Loving the new header :)

  6. Dear April,

    I just found your blog and have been reading it for hours. Literally. ^_^ Your sweet honestly and openness about life and family is inspiring, your ideas are fantastic, and your blog is a refreshing look at someone who is not just a blogging GODDESS (you are), but is also human. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us mortals. =] PS: My hubby peeked over my shoulder to read your and Dave's letters right now and remarked, "That's cool!" I'm going to try and convince him to do the same on my blog. Thank you again for everything!!


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