Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

Just me today. I'm letting Dave off the hook this week with writing a letter. He said yesterday that he was so overwhelmed with work that his head felt like it was going to explode. I want to help, but my own plate is full. It's been a rough week for 'Dear Dave + April.'

Work on both our ends is busy and isn't allowing as much one-on-one time. Add the stressor of a Spina Bifida clinic last week with lots of tests scheduled ahead. Some scary, some routine. A doctor who once again shot down my request {at the present time} for some sort of lightweight wheelchair for longer walking trips. I wanted to burst out crying. Dave took the doctors side. That ticked me off with a capital P. I was covering for Dave, not wanting to throw him under the bus, because he is the one that losses patience first when Blake starts his 'moaning/whining' when he is tired. Then I follow and then some short tempers flare up and I was just wanting an option to keep us from getting to that point while we travel or go away for a long day trip that includes lots of walking. I was just wanting Dave to have my back. He understood the doctor's point of view....which is 'wait until all the tests come back and then we can determine Blake's true level of endurance.' Makes sense now, but didn't then.

Words were spoken that afternoon that weren't too kind. Something along the lines of 'true colors coming out' when in reality we were just slipping back into bad habits for one day....not true colors. It was harder this time to soften, but it was my turn. So I went and offered a hug. 

Some weeks are harder to find our balance, but that doesn't mean we are taking two steps back. It means we are healthy, normal, real. It means it is time to go back and re-read our rules, our growth, our commitment. It does make me question sometimes though if I should even be trying to grow a business {even if I'm doing it somewhat slowly} but then he comes home last Friday with flowers and a birthday card for my blog's 3rd birthday....scratch that....OUR blog's 3rd birthday and he tells me how proud he is of my success and doesn't tell me often enough. Then I am renewed in us, in my family, in my business and our rough week is replaced with smiles and hugs and a new commitment to get through the next two crazy busy weeks and still make time to communicate and connect.

I know, do you need to re-read that...my hubby came home with flowers and a card for my blog's 3rd birthday! He's a keeper and all mine.

P.S. Did you miss me announcing the winner for the giveaways last night? It's here. I also spilled a little secret about this week. It's rather heavenly.

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  1. You are so right - some weeks you'll have ups and downs...it's a long race, not a spring, right? (Have to keep telling myself that on some days). Then again, the flowers on your blog anniversary? Yes, a KEEPER!

  2. Here I am as old as I am (nearly 46) and finding myself giving thanks to Him for your transparency about a subject that so often really gives my "hope" a run for its money! The ups—really it's the "downs"—and disappointments often leave me wondering if everything is just a big ol' mess with nothing good in it. Of course, that is a very dark view of things but some days... that's how it looks from where I'm standing. Then God sends what I need... kind words, rest, an answer to a question... you KNOW what I mean! And... things look a whole lot different! Hurray!

  3. I really truly believe you are inspired to share what you share here. I normally wouldn't comment on a complete stranger's blog but I am so thankful that you are so open and honest about your relationship. It helps other couples (like me) realize that not everyday is going to be perfect. There will be rough days and there will be arguements and disagreements but I also think we're making progress when we find kinder, better ways to handle those disagreements. Marriage is just one of those ongoing, everchanging things in life. It's tough but I know it's worth it! PS-do you ever wonder why God made men and women so differently? If we had only been programmed the same then we could avoid so many fights and arguements right? I guess then we wouldn't learn and grow. It's probably a good thing I'm not in charge.

  4. You know, perfection will not happen til we make it to heaven...so thanks for keeping it real. Sometimes, just saying it out loud takes the steam out of the anger that comes from an argument like that. I know it must be hard to be so honest, but I for one, am so glad you are!

    I do miss Dave's response...gotta just say that. :)

    Hope you are having a good day!


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