Dear Dave + April.....A Tuesday Series plus a Date Night!

Dear Ape,

I don't have any great advice or things I would like to work on this week. I would just like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking me on a great date Saturday. It meant so much to me that you would drive an hour to my job site just to hang out and talk and then have the best evening planned. I so needed to have one on one time with you and it could not have been at a better time. I feel that lately work had taken over my life and I was in dire need of a little break. You reminded me that I am number one in you life . I had a great time at dinner and even though we both were fast asleep at 9:45 it was still awesome. I am a firm believer that couples need "us" time and we need more "us" time. The little time we spent together made me want to be with you even more. It also made me have a greater love for our family. We are better together and I think we both have figured that out. Are you busy Friday night? I'm available. Thank you, thank you. You make me smile.

Love, Dave

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Dear Dave,
I had no idea how much one little overnighter could connect us so strongly to each other again. I loved it too. It was the best ever impromptu money I have ever spent! I love most walking hand in hand with you and loved that we had time to do that this weekend. I agree we need to make 'us' time more of a priority and I think we should set a goal for an overnighter twice a year. I am free Friday night ;) and would love to go out.....but I think it is the one on one time away from home....staying somewhere overnight with a casual schedule where we really reconnect. It seems like on our local date nights we still talk about work and schedule and family life and we don't necessarily focus on us! I'm still smiling from our date night. It was perfect in every way and I can't wait to get away just the two of us again sometime soon. Will you put me on your schedule in six months? It will be your turn to plan a little overnighter!

Love, me

We took a much needed date night.....and made a literal 'night of it'. My parents took the kids camping for the weekend. Dave had to work in Kentfield (an hour away) all weekend and by Saturday I was lonely. I called up Dave and asked him if he could take Sunday morning off if I came to him! He was just excited he didn't have to drive home. 
I got the last room on Memorial Day weekend at the Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa in Sausalito (a 10 minute drive from Dave's project). 

The room was new and modern and we had our own private balcony. I loved that the bathroom was set above in the room....with a full soaking tub. On our way to the hotel we stopped off at a market and picked up brie cheese, crackers and marinated olives for a little appetizer while we got ready for dinner at our hotel.

I had made reservations for dinner at The Melting Pot in Larkspur. The fondue restaurant is set in a cave and the tables for two are very intimate. Dinner was amazing. I can never decide if I like the cheese fondue or the chocolate fondue best.

Saturday morning we woke to beautiful weather. We had a gorgeous view of the sailboats from our room and we discovered an annual craft fair on the street behind the hotel.

We walked 4 blocks to breakfast to The Lighthouse Coffee Shop. A hole in the wall restaurant that came highly recommended. It did not disappoint. It had a basket full of some of the best local hot sauces and that put a big smile on Dave's face. I ordered the French Toast with Fruit Flambe and it was delicious. They also got my bacon 'just right.' Extra Crunchy....almost burnt! Dave ordered the Mexican Scamble so he try out a few of the hot sauces.

That 24 hours was just what we needed. We took time just for each other and really connected. Funny note.....the bell boy that escorted us to our room was chatting with us. We mentioned that we were kid less this trip and he asked...."So what are you going to do....sleep the whole weekend?" I thought....now bell boy...you really don't want me to answer that do you?!" 
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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! And I totally agree that couples need more "us" time and it seems to work best when you can get away (no phones, computers, kitchens to clean, laundry to start). Good for you!

  2. What a fun time away - it sounds amazing and yes indeed I'm saying that with a tinge (just a tinge) of jealousy! I need to work on that!

    BTW - Love my bobbies - how cute are those Funky Vintage Lovely hair accessories!?

  3. Dear Dave and April,
    You rock! The end!!" Not really the end because I have too much to say. Like I LOVE Tuesdays letters and that you do things like impromptu overnighters!

    I think I say it every week but thank you for your honesty and openness. I love the realness you two show. I learn so much from y'all! !! I am glad you had an awesome time!!

    Much love,

  4. I love Sausalito - looks like you guys had a fabulous time! Tony and I are in desperate need of a mini-getaway. I keep hunting Groupon and Living Social for some great deal!

  5. Good for you!!! I know exactly what y'all mean with the dates vs. the overnights and how its just so nice to let go and unwind with each other. So glad you had the chance. And it all looked so incredibly beautiful!

  6. Ahhhh Sausalito...I am so jealous!!

  7. Love it!!! What a great little getaway for you! I know y'all must have loved getting that little bit of precious couple time! And The Melting Pot....yum, yum, yum!

  8. Okay.. I admit it... sometimes I skip your Tuesday posts because you two are such an amazig couple it makes me a little sad...

    But I am so glad I read today... glad you two had some special time (so you can keep on being amazing!) and glad because I have been a little "Tiburon sick" missing up there and your picks and descriptions of places near and dear to my heart brought a smilt to my face :)

    Love you guys!


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