Dave's got two new girlfriends.....

Dave's got two new girlfriends....but that's OK I found two new boyfriends this weekend at the home show!

He found them at Queen Bee Market. Well I found them and knew they would be his 'dream girls'!

Emily and Stacy....two surfer girls from Santa Cruz that now live a little farther south in beach cities.
Not only are they sweet as can be and I consider them now girlfriends too....
but they have darling Etsy shops and I came home with handmade lovelies from each of their shops.
Skirts from Stacy Lynn Designs and a hat from Blue Corduroy.

When we met them, surfing came up and they said they stopped for burritos for breakfast and went surfing on their way down to set up shop at QBM. I told them to stop talking right there because my husband would leave me for both of them! Ha. Then, when Dave said the word surfing again, they both said, so enthusiastically....'Wanna go now?" I knew the friendship was sealed!

And, I'm OK with it. I love those two girls and would love to spend more time with both of them and their families! And, I know Dave only has eyes for me.

But never fear, I found two Israeli boys this weekend at the Home & Garden Show.
They were selling the Jose Eber curling irons. Big barrel irons with no clamp on them so they do perfect spiraling curls. They were two young single guys with accents.

I was a sucker even though I knew they used the same lines on all the girls. They nicknamed me "Honey Bunny" because my eyes were sweet like honey. And whispered all kinds of sweet things in my ear while they were curling my hair. I came home with a curling iron and feeling like a million bucks all while my husband was smiling from ear to ear because remember from twitter....he really likes my hair curly.
He said he has a hard time focusing when my hair is curly!

And...that makes me blush more than anything those two Israeli boys said to me!

And P.S.....I'm here this afternoon. Please go check out this beautiful new blog!

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  1. I kick myself now for not buying that curling iron, it would be great for Ava. She loves her ring, so thanks. It was very sweet of you. It was nice seeing you. Will you all be going camping to Georgetown with NVC Memorial weekend?

  2. SO SWEET! love it :) Ordy and I have a list of top five but we know we totally only love each other haha

  3. I met Jose Eber once.. he's weird

  4. hi april!

    i just saw this post! i'm still laughing!! stacy and i had so much fun with you, and totally felt an instant friendship. we can't wait for more!

    and i'm so stoked your night at the book club was so awesome! you ARE a superstar.


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