Bachelorette - Recap!

Bentley...you're an a*%.
OK...had to get that off my chest.

I like William. When I saw him the first time I said..."Hello William."
But he seams to have a stiff upper lip...like it doesn't move enough. And looks a little like a pretty boy.
Cute dimples though!!

And both Ryans...totally hotties...after my hubby of course.

Mask Man....you are wierd.
90 degree weather...but he is wearing a beanie too.

I don't know if I like the dark brown leather jacket with mini white dress.
But, brown hair is an improvement.
Those two cute girls in Vegas....is he the one?!

William is so cute....playing along with the wedding plans.
What a good sport.
Oh....potty mouth, William. I wasn't expecting that.
Nerves get the best of you?!

Dave: She is just not that cute.
She still looks like she is getting her dresses from Cache.

West was sweet for sharing early on.
Ashley seems like she is trying too hard to respond to the sensitive stories.

BENTLEY...again...you just confirmed the above statement.
And...you definitely are not as entertaining as crazy pants Michelle.
You can go now because I'm really not interested in seeing Ashley cry.

Mask man....you have NO relationship with Ashley yet.
Just take off the mask.

Mickey...you're kind of boring. Just like Ashley.
Your question about last time you cried was sweet and all
but I'm not hanging out for sweet.
And, Ashley is a bit boring and safe too.
Why do I watch?!

Oh ya...share an amazing moment...looking over VEGAS baby!

I'm guessing the coin is heads on both side.
What a trooper for going for it.
It did have a tails side.
What is up with Bachelor and water and clothes?!
Dancing on the sand would have been just as good.

Love what J.P. just did.
And what a sweet kiss.
I got chills!

William...what was that?
aka Ding Dong.
Thanks, Nick for the laugh and nickname!

and...there is creeper.
aka Mask Man.

These guys are funny.
Ryan wants to rip it off as a surprise
and West says...what if she says...put it back on!

Are you freakin kidding me.
If he gets booted and doesn't take off the mask....ugh.
I think he should just take it off without her knowing and see if she recognizes him.
Ben C.'s one liners are a bit cheesy.
Why is Willaim being so cocky.
And Bentley....you are not cool.
And not very cute actually.

And really if this was anyone else, the producers would have asked him to leave already
based on his confessionals. They usually don't stand for that.
Ashley...your radar is WAY off.

I really have no idea which way this rose ceremony is going.
Hoping both Ryans will get a rose. We know J.P. is getting one.
Who is Lucas?
Wow mask man got a rose.

Really bummed that Ryan M. didn't get a rose.
I thought he was kind of cute.
Reminded me a bit of the Weatherman...but cuter and more confident.


Oh how I miss The Weatherman.

And speaking of love....there are two grey doves (?) building a nest in our trellis. I love watching them work. And I thought since we ripped down the rose bush no one would find it worthy. Hope they stay and have babies!
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  1. ok i was seriously cracking up reading this! i'm kind of a newer follower! thanks for the wonderful creativity and inspiration!!

  2. hahaha! I LOVE your recap. It is all so true. Maybe I'll post one next week. Ashley IS boring. Mask man has either got to reveal himself or go!

    Bentley is SUCH a jerk! And to think that she thinks he's being "sincere". Ugh! He should be ashamed. Imagine one day when his daughter watches this! Yikes!

  3. You have the best recap ever!!! I just about screamed AMEN with your first statement. Bentley Makes me want to punch myself. William is absolutely adorable but I think he's getting a little too confident. I swoon for JP and Ryan. I completely agree with about Mickey BORING!!! I think everyone (women that is) is in agreement about the guys. Oh and I think creepy mask guy is going to end up not being that good looking compared to JP, Ryan and William. I look forward to next weeks recap. So awesome!!!

  4. I found Mickey sweet, but his face is ALWAYS the same! Urrrgh...

    And I miss Weatherman, too, one of my favorite people ever on this show.

  5. guess what...i have no idea what this means...lol...and i read it twice...oh well...love your blog anyways...xxx

  6. Hysterical! Oh my word, Bently needs to be punched. A lot. I like William, but JP stole my heart. I really think he could go all the way! And if he doesn't...I'm single? ;) Thanks for posting, April!


  7. granted it is about ratings but I cannot believe they let Bentley stay! Ashley my dear it has been a week, how can she be developing strong feelings for a few??? I think they missed the boat when recruiting a bachelorette for this season. Chantelle would have been much better!

  8. Okay, Bentley is a total waste. And I'm appalled that the producers have let it go on this long, even though it's only been a couple of episodes. The BEST thing I can say about it is at least it doesn't last any longer than next week. Any longer than that, and I think viewers would have started showing up at ABC and picketing. Holy cow.

  9. Love this commentary! I do the same but on Facebook. So did NOT want to watch this season cuz I don't adore Ashley. Oh well, I'm sucked in.

    Please tell me you read Chris Harrison's blog post. Gives me hope that terd head Bentley is leaving.

    Also, follow him on Twitter during the show. Hilarious.

  10. Her radar is sooooo off, it's annoying. She's so typical. And tell your hubby I agree with him. Not that I'm cute enough to be the Bachelorette, but she's just....not. Eh. I don't like her as the chick, but the guys are funny enough to stick around for.

  11. Girl! I am dying over your comments on the Bachelorette! All I can say is, "Pa-reach it!!" Ashley... kills me. and Bentley... ugh.


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