What you might have missed on Twitter this week!

I love Twitter. For lots of different reasons.
I sometimes get silly on Twitter.
I didn't want you to miss these few silly tweets in particular!

At a junkyard in Berkeley for a family date....

"Someone get the kids a newspaper or a book!"

"Bathing Al Fresco."

And my favorite from this week.....

"Who needs a gym membership when you have Walmart!"
"Do you think they would mind if I grabbed a towel and windex from aisle 5 to clean up after my 30 minutes is done?!"

Happy Friday.
Stop by tomorrow to see who is turning 40!

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  1. Bwahahaha...loved the Walmart membership bit! And all I have to say is: whh oy why would anyone leave an orange potty at the junkyard? Theyre all teh rage right now. NOT!
    And Im not sure whos turning 40 but Im turning 31 today. Are we celebrating together?:)

  2. These are hilarious! And I love that your family takes field trips to the junk yard- so Awesome!

  3. Wow that is quite the junk yard! I have often thought that Sears has a great gym too;)

  4. ya'll are silly.

    and i want one of those bathtubs...

  5. The in the photos remindes me of last time i was at such a place with son9, all of a sudden he was quiet.. and I turned to ask him what was up.. he was staring at all the toliets..then quietly says.. " i find this disturbing".. cracked me up!


  6. So funny April! Love these fun family outing pics..so sweet!

  7. haha! I remember seeing those pics on Twitter, so cute!


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