What I Wore {family edition}

Looking for Giveaway Day {with The Nester}....it's in the post below!

The family joined in for a little fun on Sunday for What I Wore! {me: grey dress - max studios, leggings - target, brown boots - local boutique} {kaia: shirt + skirt - forever 21, my nine west brown boots} {dave: my brother's suit...i love seeing him wear it each sunday} {blake: being silly!}

we went from rain to beautiful warm sunshine....

{green blouse and shoes - anthropologie, jeans - target, brown cap sleeve cami - undertease} {rose blossom earrings and wood button ring - my shop}

{kaia: navy/white stripe shirt - forever 21, denim shorts - american eagle, our new Toms that we have been sharing....burlap and red!}

{striped shirt - j. crew outlet, jeggings - nordstrom, boyfriend cardigan - target, red Toms}

our beach vacation....to Santa Cruz

{first picture: trovea cardigan sweater in brown - nordstrom, jeggings - nordstroms, white t - ae, burlap Toms. second picture: whippy cake headband. third picture: thrifted grey old navy dress, old navy flip flops, grey/white striped cardigan - urban outfitters}

Linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy today and other cuties who inspire me to try new things!

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  1. Lovin' the beach vacation look!!!! Also love how the kiddos (and Dave) have such great style too! Love Kaia's beautiful smile and look (how cool are those shoes paired with her striped shirt?!) BTW - Looking fab April! Skinny, skinny!

  2. Cute! Love your thrifted Old Navy dress and striped sweater combo. CUTE :D
    Those Burlap Toms rock too.

  3. Oh my gosh I can only hope that one of my girls will have the same shoe size as I do someday:)
    I LOVE your braided hair in the 2nd set of photos...beautiful!
    And the whippy cake headband? Hers are the best! Knocks everyone else outta the park as far as Im concerned.
    Your outfits were all fabulous too:)

  4. You family is adorable! I love the Toms shoes, I have to get some!

  5. Love that you turned WIWW into a family affair! Cute outfits all around. And it's great that you and your daughter can share shoes right now... guess you get to keep all the cute ones when she out grows them :)

  6. what a beautiful family!!! I love all your outfits and those red TOMS are awesome!! :)

  7. Love love love it all!!!! Those shoes from Anthro...wow. And your braid? So so cute.
    How do you like the TOMS? I am on the fence and need real opinions on comfort, quality, etc.

  8. LOVE the red TOMS with the navy & white stripe top! sooo cute!

  9. OmG!!! those anthro shoes..enough said!!

  10. You look wonderful and what a great family. Toms have finally made it over the pond and I am tempted, as they look great on all you guys. Have a great week lovely. ax

  11. great shots!!! love the family pictures from Sunday! I have the same red Toms!

    I am loving your hair!!! I know you got it cut a while ago but I just wanted to say it now!!!


  12. You are one of my WIWW favorites! I love that your entire family got in on the action this week. I'm trying to decide on what pair of TOMS to buy for this summer. I have olive green now. I like the ones you guys have. You look great, as always!

  13. Always, always, always so cute!

    After your endorsement of the BP jeggings I finally tried last weekend at the store. I found a pair on the sale rack. So excited. Well, I grabbed them and a fun dress to put over and headed for the dressing room. I should have taken a picture. I looked ridiculous. As much as I try, skinnies and jeggings were NOT made for my legs. My calves are muscular and my thighs are.... large. Have been since birth. They are smaller than they used to be 50 lbs ago but still chunky. I just need to stop trying.

    All that to say, you look adorable in them. You must have some awesome legs under those leggings/jeggings!!!

    I'll stick with boot cut. It's just how God made me!

  14. Been loving the boyfriend cardigan look, so found a couple at LOFT for a steal and bought 2 of them. Strayed from my normal uniform of black too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Love the green anthro shirt and TOMS Shoes are my favorite - I haven't taken my off since I got them.!

  16. Please, please teach us how to do our hair in that cute little braid, twisty thing! Darling!!

  17. Great outfits! Especially love the burlap Toms...

  18. Oooh, I have that same dress from Old Navy, only in green and black. I love the addition of the sweater! I tried it on with a camisole underneath and something was just missing...I'll have to get a lighter sweater-thingy for this Florida weather, though!
    I think you are so cute, April!

  19. You're so cute! I remember seeing your beautiful face at the conference :)


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