I've Been Nominated....**link working now!

{**link is fixed! thanks, Bekah!
scroll down to find me then click on the 'thumbs up'}

My blog and shop has been nominated for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Shops! How exciting is that. I'm listed with some pretty amazing shop owners. Some I know personally and are much more deserving than I, but if you feel so inclined to go vote here is the link! Voting is open until April 25th and everyone can vote once each day. I'm not going to beg or remind you, but if you want to vote that would be so much fun!

Thank you Circle of Moms for the vote of confidence! And, thank you for going to vote to get my husband off my back about when I'm going to be famous from my blog so he can quit working. HA! I told him that he is going to end up being the real star with our Dear Dave + April series with all his sweetness! Love you guys.

Happy Friday! I'll be back next week in full blogging swing. So much to share about the little things in life and work on updating my shop with lots of fun new products.
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  1. Congratulations!! I tried to use the link to vote but it didn't work. Can you post it again?

  2. So exciting. You deserve it! I'm going to vote...

  3. I came across your blog from my long time friend Elle G at Less Cake More Frosting. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of the ups and down in your marriage! I appreciate your willingness and honesty to share what so many others are feeling but are too ashamed to say.

  4. I voted for you a few times :)... Good luck! I've watched your business grow (via online) over the past year +, you've done a wonderful job!


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