I'm on my way to Creative Estates in Arizona, a conference for the creative/blogging type...like me! To mingle and learn from some amazing women who have been successful in the handmade world.

I'm most excited to hang with my rommie, Mrs. Bigs, as she is lovingly referred to in our home, and also friends I haven't seen since Queen Bee Market in November and to meet twitter friends in real life!

I'm going to miss my family. I'm not feeling 100%, I have a sore throat, and for some reason that is making me already feel a little homesick for them. Blake gave me an extra tight squeeze this morning, Kaia stopped long enough while getting ready for school for me to hug her and give her sweet kisses on her cheek and Dave held me and started telling me last night how much he was going to miss me. He came home last night from work with a surprise treat for me to take on my trip and share with my roomie....Anette's chocolate salted caramels. That so made me fall in love with him all over again. But that kind of happens on a daily basis right now! Lucky us. It comes from hard work. :)

I'll be tweeting about the conference if you want to follow me. There's a twitter button on my sidebar....it is the button with a 't'....Mom! Then you won't miss anything.

I'll also be posting here on Saturday the Giveaway Day {with The Nester} WINNER with a secret discount code for those of you that aren't the lucky winner but still need a little Funky Vintage Lovely in your life!

And, I just have to thank all my family for their support and help while I'm gone. The amazing women in my life...my mom, mother-in-law and sister....all chipping in to help Dave with the kiddos during his work hours. You'd think being self-employed that his hours would be flexible...ya right. That's what we thought too when we first started our business.

Well, I just got called to board my plane. See ya!

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  1. so jealous you get to go!! I seriously wish I was on a plane going there right now. And the worst part...my co-workers (2 guys) get to go to promote our company! why not me?!?! haha. Have so much fun!

  2. Safe travels! I hope you have a fabulous time! BTW - Blogged about you today! www.barefootbysea.blogspot.com!

    Have a great time, can't wait till you come back and share with us!


  3. Have a wonderful time!!! I cant wait to come out there for BlogSugar in the Fall. Can we go thrifting or somethin?


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