Hello Monday....after my week off!

Taking a week off was just what the doctor ordered. Well, really, replace doctor with husband!

We got much accomplished. And I'm raring to go this Monday morning. To keep up on all my accomplishments.

Want a round-up from last week? Well....your getting one whether you answered yes or no! And there is a pretty good announcement at the end of all the pictures!!

Worked hard cleaning up the backyard with the kids. Now if I could just figure out how to keep all the droppings from this climbing rose bush off all our furniture. Sadly, I think that beautiful green is coming down and will be replaced with a beef-ier trellis.

I planted lots of flowers last week. These succulents were a first for me. They make me smile.

We headed to Santa Cruz for a little Spring Break Getaway. The kids had worked hard during the week and we thought it would be a nice little reward. Not that a reward was needed for working hard, but it was Spring Break! The sun shone brightly on us and we enjoyed beautiful weather. We rode the Giant Dipper twice. The first time Dave video taped Blake for his first ride. It is hilarious. He was scared to death. The second time we all rode just to enjoy the ride!

We took goofy family pictures in the TINY photo booth!

We were so glad we DIDN'T stay at this hotel! Read the sign carefully and you'll know why.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Mystery Spot. It is a 150 foot circumference that has unexplainable wierd gravational pulls. You can lean at crazy angles with no support. It can also make you feel pretty dizzy. It was nice to play inside the circle but equally nice to walk OUT of the circle!

The kids had fun playing in the house within the 'mystery spot'!

Kaia and Dave had a daddy/daughter date Sunday morning to go surfing. Kaia actually beat out Dave on the first wave and Dave said it was taller than she was!

Blake had a father/son body surfing date later in the day, but I left my camera and phone in the car. Boo. Trust me though, they had hours of fun!

Last week off was good for my soul. And, my family's too! I'm back this week ready to have fun. Tomorrow I will be posting two posts. TWO!

The first will be our Dear Dave + April where we answer a few readers' questions. And....the second post..... It will be the mother of all GIVEAWAYS here on this blog!! I'm teaming up with The Nester tomorrow for her Giveaway Days. I'm so excited. Come back here tomorrow to see what I'm giving away and enter to win! It feels so good to be back. :)

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  1. Glad you're back April!! We missed you!

  2. ohhhh santa cruz. your pictures, plus the warm weather. it means that summer is just around the corner.

    wish i was on the giant dipper right now. :)

    what a fun family trip!

  3. Welcome back! Theres a weird slanted house in Niagra Falls that makes you feel dizzy just walking into it. But that place is definitely 'mysterious.' Neat for the kids.
    Im glad you got a break. Have a great week:)

  4. Welcome Back!!! Glad you had a great Spring Break! I love Santa Cruz! We are on Spring break this week...ahhhhh!!!!

  5. It looks like a wonderful break! I am jealous of your beautiful yard and weather!!


  6. Wow - gorgeous surfing photo!!!! So envious that you get to live in CA. Ahhh.
    Love the succulents. I planted some last year and just adore them

  7. It looks like you all had a wonderful break! Can't wait for the giveaway tomorrow!

  8. aw. looks like an amazing time. i love to get away with just the family. to enjoy one another and reconnect. glad you had that time!!

  9. all that looks fabuloso. have i told you i have those exact toms? well they have holes in them now...boo. but they're my fave...

  10. Well deserved time off, very good prescription from your doctor! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time in Santa Cruz, I love that place!

  11. Welcome back! We missed you. I missed Dave & April-- my favorite part. Can't wait. xoxo

  12. Wow...that sign gives true meaning to the dumb joke, "I'm dropping my kids off at the pool." Sorry, I couldn't resist! I am easily amused!


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