Hello Monday Morning.

I still need to download pictures from my fabulous weekend. I'm taking care of home, family and getting some packages in the mail this morning first. Hopefully I'll be back this afternoon with my Creative Estates Fun! Here's a quick picture I grabbed from Shelley at House of Smiths. She is officially CRAZY FUN!

I met some amazing women. Took some great notes to share. Spent precious time with friends. Met,in real life, twitter/blogging friends. Laughed until I almost pee'd. Lost my voice. And.... have lots of new blogs to add to my sidebar to share with you!

What did you do this weekend that was fun?

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  1. Oh you big showoff!(Dont take that personally; its just coming from those of us who are just. plain. jealous that we couldnt go):) Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Can't wait to hear/see more of Creative Estates! My fun event of the weekend was choosing kitchen appliances :) and spending some time outside with temps finally in the 60s!

  3. How Fun, it looks like you met one of my favorite bloggy friends Jenn of Tatertots and Jello.

  4. Oh sheesh. I think this is one of the only pictures of me there. Lovely that you can see right up my nose. Guess I need to start taking posing lessons from Shelley! ;)

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