Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

{Working on this journey called marriage one week at a time. If you are new to our series and want to see just how far we have come....check out our first letters to each other here or the whole series on the sidebar.}

Dear Dave,

I've been thinking a lot today about my life. How busy it is and how I'm missing out on certain aspects I should be enjoying. While at the kitchen sink this morning I thought of you and how you always proclaim that your number one goal each day as a husband is to make sure I'm happy. I want to do more of that for you too. I want that to be my number one goal each day. To make sure I'm helping to make you happy. So when you called today and asked if I would type an email for you as you dictated it, I happily responded 'sure'. I hope that helped ease a burden for you today. I hope when you got off the phone you smiled and thought....that was a nice change! I hope it can add just a bit more sweetness to the progress we've already made in this journey of enriching our marriage.

I've enjoyed you 'talking up' this week in our home. I know that you have felt differently on the inside by speaking positively to those around you. You have made me smile more than one time with one of your sweet comments as you consciously 'talked up'. I"d like to keep up on it. I'd like to teach our children the importance of positive thinking as opposed to negative thinking. To see the glass half full. To find the beauty and lessons in trials and challenges.

This next week I'd like to work on "Begin Each Encounter with a Smile" from our Happiness for Two book. Smiling is contagious and I can't think of a better way to greet you than with a smile to let you know just how happy I am to see you. To be with you. I know one of the things that you love is when I stop what I am doing to greet you when you come home from work. I'm going to take it one step farther and smile too. Just to show you that I'm happy that you are home!

I think we are due for a reward of some kind for the progress we have made. Something special for just the two of us. What do you think? Any ideas.....

Love, April

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Dear April,

Thank you for thinking of me today. It meant a lot when you said sure when I called you today instead of "not now I'm busy." I think we should take a little weekend trip without kids for our super reward. I have been thinking about our lives together and all of the crazy, fly by the seat of our pants, things we have done in the last 16 years. Possibly my all-time favorite was our anniversary trip to SoCal in the VW bus. No plan, nowhere to be, no time restraints.......perfect. It was great to see my super put together girl roughing it in the V-dub (without a shower and hairspray), eating chips and salsa for breakfast and hanging out on the beach all day. That is my dream girl, just add shower. You are my dream girl. I can't wait for a new and exciting adventure with you so lets do it soon.

And I like the idea of smiling more when we greet each other.

Love, Dave

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  1. You are fabulous. And I miss your smiling face. I'm gonna be more supportive today. Thanks to both of you!

  2. I think you should rent a VW bus and come down this way oh let's say the weekend of May 21st!!! It's our Relay! Surprise me again!!! Love you and miss you! Feel like we don't chat much :( xo

  3. You SO need a getaway! You have to treat yourself, as a couple, every once in a while and smiling more is a great start!

    Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  4. Love your letters today! I forgot about "talking up"...I need to do that.

    Dave, you made me smile at the "That is my dream girl, just add shower."
    Love it!!

    Happy Tuesday, y'all!


  5. I loooved the supportive idea. My hubs says I'm willing to help but I have a horrible attitude about it. I'm going to try and help with a smile! Again...I love that you do this!

  6. Sweet stuff! Our pastor & his wife have an awesome & long marriage and he always says that they wake up with the idea of "what can I do for my spouse today." My husband is wonderful in this aspect but I need to work on doing the same for him!

  7. adorable! And you are his "dream girl" !!!! Ahhhh....my heart is melting! So inspiring and so incredible the way you are sharing your journey.

  8. I have just discovered you via Creative Blog and I am so happy to meet you!..
    I have spent the last hour reading through some of your blog and admiring all your wares!!..I owned a vintage store in Asheville, NC for 29 years (before I was hit by a car) and love love love your stuff!!..If you ever need goods for stuff keep me in mind..I have tons of goodies in boxes because I can't bear to throw even a button away if it is vintage..I admire your spunk and courage and the love you have for your family..
    blessed to have found you!
    (corky on gfc)


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