Winner! Winner!

Winner of the Bonhomie Jewelry $25 Gift Certificate is...... {drum roll please}

Commenter #18.....Karri! Congrats! I'll be emailing you shortly.

* * * * *

Somethings gotta give this week. Kennedy Construction office work needs catching up. Tax info needs to be prepared. Products need to be loaded in the shop. Kids need tending to {it's Spring Break}. Backyard needs refreshing. Porch needs some spring flowers planted. Hubby needs my attention so his head doesn't explode.... blessed with some really good jobs right now.... but stressful.

* * * * *

Blogging will not follow regular formatting this week. Dear Dave + April will return next week. Blogging might be light and sporadic. Possibly only product updates and maybe a few one-liners. Because that is what happens when I say I'm taking a few days off of blogging. All of sudden there is so much to blog about! I'm sad to miss What I Wore because we did family edition on Sunday. But I'll post it all next week. Oh heck, we'll see, it might peek it's little head in here on Wed.

* * * * *

We are off to go hiking this morning with friends. Exercise helps relieve stress. Then I need to hit that list above. So I can sleep better at night. And hubby can too.

**POST EDIT** Oh, and one more thing. I have to pay my water bill by noon today or it's turned off. The crazy thing is we've had the money...just not enough hours in the day. A funny story for later.... our PG&E was turned off one day for the same reason. Remind me to tell you about it...it's pretty funny.

What do you do to relieve your stress? post signature


  1. thank you so much for hosting the giveaway, april! i'm anticipating some of the same around here - long "to-do" lists but they will be a blessing from God! my stress reliever: checking things off my to-do list! lol

    congratulations, karri! i look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Have a great Spring Break! I am excited to see you at CE!!


  3. Have a great week catching up...whether youre able to blog or not. Funny how real life catches up with you. Hope you had a great hike too!

  4. OH YAY! I am so super duper excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its spring break here, too, and it just seems that everything needs to be done. Oh well. I am only one person. I am trying just to let go and have fun this week.

    My stress reliever? Tea and a book and my bedroom.

  5. Man! All this talk of "spring break" makes me want to be back in school! Hope it's going grreeat!

    Featured your blog in my "Stalker Tuesday" feature:


    Looking forward to your next post!


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